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Date My Family's Mdu Nyoni causes a 'stampede' among fans

By Tshisalive | 2017-02-14 12:13:42.0

It’s been just over one month since Date My Family contestant Mduduzi Nyoni became an overnight internet sensation with his new-found fame spilling into his daily life.

Mdu who appeared on the show at the beginning of January caused a social media frenzy‚ after Twitter users mocked his ‘British accent’ and life story.

While the storm on Twitter may have passed‚ Mdu’s popularity has caused havoc in his daily life.

“I can’t go to the garage‚ I can’t go to the Fourways Farmers’ Market as I usually do. I tried it last weekend and there was a stampede. Sometimes my clients will say‚ ‘let’s meet up‚’ but I can’t do that anymore‚” he told Drum magazine.

Shortly after the social media frenzy last month‚ Mdu said that he had to deactivate all his social media accounts.

Mdu said that he didn’t care about the backlash but was concerned about his children.

“I‚ as Mdu‚ will not be backlashed. Whoever wants to find an opportunity to slash can go ahead. As long as it doesn’t get to my kids‚ then I become protective‚” he said at the time.