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Muvhango star Tshinondiwa Thovhakale ready to take on modelling world

By Emmanuel Tjiya | 2017-02-13 12:29:46.0

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Muvhango heroine Tshinondiwa Thovhakale is ready to take on the gruelling world of modelling by storm.

One of the top reasons why she wants to venture into the modelling world is to tackle the beauty myth among African women by using her public figure status to affect a positive message about natural beauty.

The 23-year-old actress strongly holds that black beauty should not be limited to having the fairest complexion or fine straight long hair.

Renowned for her signature short fro and glowing dark complexion, that beautifully compliments her mesmerizing bone structure, Thovhakale proudly proclaims:

"I think it's about time that dark-skinned girls come into trend. We are tired of the yellow bones. I am a big natural hair advocate too, because my hair signifies who I am. Even though it's hard to maintain it and the easy way out will be to opt for a weave, I still love my hair.

"I'm proud of my African dark complexion. The sad thing is I know a lot of people who were naturally dark in complexion and now they are yellow. I think it has to do with how much you value people's opinions of how you look. For me I'm happy and comfortable with whom I am."

"If we were to all look like yellow bones or a certain way, we will be boring. Just embrace who you are and what makes you uniquely you. Imagine if next time you ran into me and I was now yellow, I would have lost my identity. Obviously we all have insecurities with certain parts of our bodies, but that's what makes life worth living. We grow to accept who we are and how we look."

Rise to stardom

Thovhakale rose to fame in 2013 after she was handpicked through an open audition process and cast as Shonisani on the popular SABC 2 soapie. Having being part of the culturally rich Muvhango family for four years she reveals that the show has helped her to reinforce her Venda roots.

"I'm multilingual and I grew up in Soweto, so the Venda that is used on Muvhango is kind of hectic. So the show has helped me a lot to connect with my Venda roots," Thovhakale points out.

"It has always helped me to be more grounded, learn about my Venda tradition and how things are supposed to be done in my culture. Things are quite modern now and we are kind of losing touch with our culture."

Viewers grew to love her as the other woman when she attempted to come between super-couple Teboho (Liteboho Mosile) and Mulalo (Sydney Ramakuela). Now her character seems to have settled down with Thathe village's go-to sangoma Mulimisi (Humbulani Tsharani).

In the next couple of weeks, Thovhakale teases that fans can look forward to seeing Shonisani attempt to turn Mulimisi into a modern gentleman.

"I think Shonisani is a nice person, but when the time comes to fight for what she wants she goes all out and doesn't hold back," Thovhakale observes.