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At what point did Ntombi Mzolo become a solo artist?

By Tshisalive | 2016-12-01 07:54:18.0

Ntombi Mzolo has just released a hot summer track in time for the festive season‚ titled Woza December. The song‚ which features NVM‚ has already garnered major praise from fans. But at what point exactly did she become a household name as a solo artist?

“It all started in 2002 when my my dad released uMuntuza‚” she told TshisaLIVE during an interview.

“It’s a dance song‚ and therefore he needed dancers‚ so I was like ‘I’m here’.

She explained that it was not long after performing around the country with her dad as a dancer‚ that she started receiving copious attention from the public.

“Soon after‚ people started going crazy over my dance moves‚” she said‚ before pointing out that this planted ideas in her head to go solo.

“I got so much hype‚ that I started thinking that I should capitalise on this‚ and branch out on my own.

“Thereafter‚ I began working on a solo album. My sound was a fusion of pop and reggae‚ which I called popra music. The album was released in 2010‚ and it got nominated for the SAMAs‚” she revealed.

While she admitted that launching a solo career was a daunting move‚ she claimed that fans loved her music and welcomed her with open arms.

“The album was well-received by fans‚ it was so awesome.

“I think‚ that’s because it was something different. But yeah‚‚ the reception was amazing. I was performing like everywhere.”

However‚ her solo career did not come without obstacles.

“Branching out of a group to doing my own thing was not easy.In a group‚ you always have someone to fall back on should you make mistakes — like forgetting your words on stage. And now I’m on my own‚ I can’t afford to forget lyrics.

“I have to get dancers‚ people that will understand my vision and what I’m trying to do — which is not something that is easy to do.”

She revealed that treating her team like family helped to ease the stress of being a solo artist.

“I ended up working like how I work in a group‚ because I take everyone that I work with like family. We are all equal. There’s no boss. So I’m open to creative ideas and contributions to the team that I work with.”


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