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Natasha Thahane opens up about the challenges of growing up in the spotlight

By Tshisalive | 2016-11-29 07:26:47.0

Growing up in the spotlight is no child’s play. Just ask Natasha Thahane.

During an interview with DRUM‚ the 21-year-old actress opened up about the challenges of growing up in the public’s eye.

“I’m only 21‚ and it’s a tough one‚ because I’m growing up in front of people‚” she told the local publication.

“For me‚ when I start dating‚ they’re going to be counting all the boyfriends that I’ve dated‚ until I’m 30 or 35. They need to understand that I’m still young. I’m still gonna go through me breaking up with someone‚ having to cry on social media...”

Speaking of which‚ Natasha has been plagued by widespread speculation that she is dating rapper A-Reece.

This comes after the two shared several Instagram tributes gushing over each other.

Adding fuel to the fire‚ A-Reece’s video for his hit track Mgani shows the rapper and the former Skeem Saam actress head-over-heels in love. From loving embraces to stolen kisses‚ the pair play a convincing couple.

However‚ both Natasha and A-Reece have‚ on several occasions‚ denied that they are an item.

“We just work well together‚ and she’s very beautiful‚ no lie. Yeah‚ she has very soft lips‚ and she has this nice dimple when she smiles... I admire her eyes. But anyway‚ we work well together... when we’re acting‚ when we’re being professional‚” A-Reece told Slikouronlife during an interview‚ before pointing out that he is not in any relationship at the moment.

“I’m single right now.”