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Minnie Dlamini admits to 'conflict' on new reality show

By TshisaLIVE | 2016-11-15 06:51:11.0

Minnie Dlamini has admitted that there was conflict on the set of Tropika Island of Treasure‚ confirming that there were issues around her contract as the main host of the show.

TshisaLIVE has previously reported that Minnie’s new gig as host of the show didn’t go as smoothly as Instagram would have you believe.

Minnie was named the host of the show‚ with Top Billing presenter Jonathan Boyton-Lee as the ‘games master’.

But insiders say Jonathan was told that he was a co-host‚ a fact producers forgot to tell Minnie.

“Cardova and Tropika offered me the sole hosting position of the upcoming season which I signed on for. I specifically asked not to be considered if they were looking for two presenters. Then last minute they wanted to introduce a co-host which I refused as per the initial agreement. There was conflict on the island as a result‚” she told Sunday World.

Sunday World also reported that Minnie was labelled a diva after demanding that a stylist and one person fly with to the Seychelles to do her social media.

However‚ those close to Minnie have told us that not only is it standard that a stylist accompany a celebrity on a trip like this‚ it was also part of the agreement.

Tswelopele’s legal manager told Sunday World that Minnie requested a hair stylist and a social media team. Her request for a hair stylist was granted but she couldn’t take a social media team as there was already someone doing this on the island.