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Khuli Chana on marrying his 'life partner': 'We’ll get there'

By Tshisalive | 2016-11-09 07:19:19.0 | COMMENTS [ 7 ]

Khuli Chana recently revealed that while marriage may be ideal for him and his girlfriend‚ Asanda Maku‚ they are in no rush to tie the knot.

Speaking to Anele Mdoda on Real Talk‚ Khuli admitted that marriage is a “dream” for him and Asanda‚ who he calls his life partner.

He further asserted that they will get married “some day“.

“It’s something we aspire... I know it’s a dream‚ and I know we’ll get there someday.”

Khuli further gushed over his girl‚ saying that she understands his career and allows him to shine.

“When you are at the peak of your career‚ it’s really important that your woman knows how to fall back.

“Let you go shine‚ give you the space‚ be your number one cheerleader‚” he revealed.

I was hustling so long‚ I had begun to lost faith! How Khuli beat the blues to go solo

Speaking to Drum magazine at the release of his documentary Picking Up The Pieces: The Khuli Chana Story‚ the rapper explained that Asanda has been his pillar of strength‚ following his enormous and elaborate case against the police in an incident of mistaken identity.

“She was very supportive throughout the whole ordeal. But I also felt for her because I wasn’t the same person. I was going through a change. I was bitter‚ I was paranoid and I had mental blocks. But I got through it‚” he told the publication.

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Nyala o nyele

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Lol you can say that again

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mbali tlogela bofebe maan,,,kuku.

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lol yekela uMbali azifebele tu, these boys aint loyal wena Mbali,, u might as well

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