Tue Sep 26 11:20:18 SAST 2017
Two suspects in Manana case granted bail

Two men arrested in connection with former deputy minister Mduduzi Manana's assault case appeared br.

I never wanted to have a rock star life‚ says Black Coffee

By Tshisalive | 2016-11-08 09:02:27.0

Growing up‚ Black Coffee used to write down the details of his dream life‚ but being a rock star was not on the list.

The fast cars‚ loud music and passport filled with stamps from places we could never even pronounce. Yup‚ Black Coffee lives the kind of life that most of us would kill for.

In fact‚ he admits to living the rock star life “every weekend“.

But that was never part of the plan. Instead‚ he’s always wanted to be a family man.

“As a kid‚ I used to take a piece of paper and literally draw my dream house‚ my dream car and my future family‚ despite having a dream of being a DJ – because at the time‚ DJs were not known as family people. But I wanted to have a family and be a DJ. Not have a rock star life‚” Black Coffee told Red Bull’s Red Bulletin magazine recently.

Black Coffee revealed that he drew his dream life because‚ despite growing up in difficult conditions‚ he didn’t believe in limiting himself.

“I never limited myself as a kid‚ despite where I grew up. I always wanted the best things‚ even though it was unclear how I would get them‚” he said.

That’s the message that Black Coffee has been trying to spread during his recent visits to a number of high schools in South Africa.

“I’ve been going to high schools lately‚ speaking to kids about self love‚ sharing my story. (I say) ‘Imagine yourself in a couple of years’ time. Fully. Say to yourself: ‘I’m gonna wear these clothes. I’m gonna drive this kind of car.’ These are things you must speak into life now‚ when you’re in high school‚ and it will help you get there‚” he added.

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