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Minnie Dlamini resigns from SoccerZone

By Sowetan LIVE | 2016-11-04 07:31:10.0 | COMMENTS [ 26 ]

Minnie Dlamini has officially resigned from her position as co-host on the popular SABC1 sports show SoccerZone.

Minnie has been the co-host for the TV show every Monday night for the last 4 years. 

''I have resigned from SABC Sport to focus on my other business ventures. I have loved my time with the SABC Sport family and will miss them dearly. It pains me to realize that I won't be seeing my Thom Thom (Thomas Mlambo) and Dr Mnandi every Monday as they have become family. I need to grow and explore various opportunities in entertainment and business. I'm super excited about 2017 and working very hard to make it a success. I will be back on screen for Tropika Island of Treasure Seychelles in March 2017 on SABC3, be sure not to miss it.'' Minnie Dlamini

The presenter is currently in the Seychelles filming and will soon be back on our TV screens as a host on the new season of Tropika Island of Treasure Seychelles.

This year has been a very good year for Minnie.

It started on a high note for Dlamini, who hosted the biggest awards shows in Africa from the Africa Magic Viewer's Choice Awards (AMVCAs) in Nigeria to the South African Film and Television Awards (Saftas) in Mzansi.

It has been six years since Dlamini was introduced to the entertainment industry after winning the Live presenter search competition.

Over the past few years she has made a name for herself as a sportscaster, even hosting the PSL Awards for four consecutive years.

Dlamini has also starred in television dramas The Wild and Rockville.

Minnie will be returning to South Africa on 10 November.




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LOL!Zwiya fana..... Pu$$y is pu$$y

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@VhaVenda, do you know "Kak Musik"? He is the one chowing there. Udla bani wena?

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Oja monate broer.

2016-11-04 08:09:15.0 | 0 replies


tnx for leaving,,,you were liability to the show though

2016-11-04 08:14:24.0 | 1 replies


i agree thanks for leaving now can Soccer zone replace her Carol a woman who knows soccer not those falebs

2016-11-04 08:52:13.0 | 0 replies


Thank goodness!

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You need to tell us why you left Khune so that we may refer him to Limpopo for enlargements Minnie

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his turf like a stallion

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She's so pretty this gal..yo

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what took you so long girl? really that show lost it since they put u there

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I expected her to be mentioned on the #StateCaptureReport the way she was all over the show ngakhona.

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