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WATCH: Ntando Duma is not a fan of the way Soweto girls speak when getting asked out

By Tshisalive | 2016-10-21 09:57:51.0

Ntando Duma gets us all hot and bothered as winter sets in. Instagram

According to Ntando Duma‚ there is a certain language which girls from Soweto speak when they are being asked out‚ called ‘iSlantinti‚’ which she doesn’t approve of.

In a clip shared on her Instagram page‚ the TV personality gave an example of how the language is spoken. And be warned‚ it’s the most side-splitting thing you’ll  watch today.

She acted out a scenario in which a Soweto girl is being courted by Kwesta‚ giving her responses in ‘iSlantinti’ to charm him.

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“Guys‚ please don’t speak like this. No matter how much you love boys.  No to iSlantinti‚” she urged towards the end of the clip.

Watch this hilarious video below:

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