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I don’t think anyone is immune to it‚ says Bonang on social media bullying

By Tshisalive | Oct 19, 2016 | COMMENTS [ 11 ]

Bonang Matheba has on numerous occasions made it clear that she has no room for negativity in her life. Well‚ that’s because she’s too busy slaying.

But that does not mean B will not show haters the door on social media.

And we’ve all witnessed this in the recent past.

Bonang graces the latest cover of Glam Africa magazine and opened up to the publication about dealing with the pitfalls of social media‚ keeping her life private and taking ‘brand Bonang’ to greater heights.

Everyone knows that B has faced her fair share of social media hate over the years‚ and despite the swirling commentary around her‚ she has often stayed silent.

Bonang says it’s because she has no time for ‘haters’‚ however she is not immune to the bullying.

“When you’re anonymous you’re able to say whatever you want to whoever‚ whenever‚ so obviously social bullying and people being able to give you their thoughts at any time‚ anywhere – I think that’s the only downside‚ that it’s quite rough out there. I appreciate the input and I appreciate the comment of criticism. What I do not appreciate is the bullying [and] I don’t think anyone is immune to it‚” B said.

While Bonang tries her best not to entertain bullies‚ she does admit that some people need to be taught a lesson.

“Every now and then you just have to put a few people in their place. It comes with the territory. But social media has more positives for me than negatives‚” she added.

Bonang added that over the years she’s come up with a ‘formula’ to deal with haters and she sticks to that.

In the past month alone Bonang made her point about haters crystal clear when she warned a follower “not to diss her man“.

It all started when a fan told Bonang that her boo‚ AKA “does not suit her“.

“I don’t care who ‘I blink with’. My happiness comes first. Ya’ll ain’t there when I’m sleeping at night‚ so I will not base my decisions on ‘public appeal’. Diss my man again and I’ll block‚” Bonang told the follower at the time.


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