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How many footlong sandwiches can you eat in 20 minutes?

By Webster Molaudi | Aug 31, 2016 | COMMENTS [ 2 ]

  • Aries Nyz, Hlatshwayo Philani and Nomsa Zwane - Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • Aries eating up his first footlong - Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • Hlatshwayo eating his way to victory - Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • Nomsa trying to catch up with Hlatshwayo - Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • The three eating to the finish line - Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • It's getting tough for the contestants - Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

  • Tanya Spence - Sandwich baron's National Operations Manager - Picture Credit : Webster Molaudi

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Hlatshwayo Philani recently won the Sandwich Baron ultimate eat off contest after competing with Nomsa and Aries for a year's supply of footlong sandwiches.

For their 20th Anniversary, the eatery held a food contest to see which one of the customers could finish their big sized sandwich within 20 minutes. The three finalists who took part in the competition were Nomsa Zwane from katlehong, who came in second.

Aries Nyzis, a 32 year old self employed musician from Yeoville and the man of the moment was Hlatshwayo Philani ate two footlongs to be crowned the winner.

Tanya Spence who is the National Operations manager for Sandwich baron said the winner will receive a footlong sandwich everyday for a year from any of their branches nationwide.


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