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Buhle Samuels unfazed by people's perception of her

By TMG Entertainment | 2016-06-23 08:34:32.0

Muvhango star Buhle Samuels‚ who is popularly known for her character Matshido‚ has also found herself making headlines for her sexy figure.

Buhle has always made it clear that she has no time for people’s comments about her body.

The soapie star is on the cover of True Love magazine‚ and she has once again opened up about not entertaining pesky perceptions that people have about her.

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“Unfortunately‚ people think I’m stuck up because I’m reserved. Other people’s assumptions have nothing to do with me‚ and realising that early in my career has helped me stay out of trouble‚” Buhle told the mag.

The Muvhango actress has also been known to be protective of her personal life and that’s not about to change any time soon.

Buhle explained that she barely shares her personal life on social media because it belongs to her.

“My private life is the only thing that belongs to me. I don’t expect people to understand it‚ and I don’t want them to. So I don’t discuss anything concerning that part of my life. Keeping it private is the only way to deal with a relationship as an actress.”

And even though Buhle stuck to her guns of keeping her personal life closely guarded‚ she did speak about the type of guy who would catch her attention.

“My ideal man‚ however‚ is a down-to-earth‚ ethical guy. He has to be respectful and kind.”


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