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Picture of the day: Cristiano Ronaldo gets best player award

By Sowetan LIVE | 2014-08-29 07:57:06.0 | COMMENTS [ 9 ]

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo kisses his Best Player UEFA 2014 Award. Photo credit: Reuters

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo kisses his Best Player UEFA 2014 Award during the draw ceremony for the 2014/2015 Champions League Cup soccer competition at Monaco's Grimaldi Forum in Monte Carlo on August 28, 2014.



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I don't know if u deserved that award but congratulations charma boy. Nka go dira hle ngwana' batho.

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Read girl uyekele ukuncwasa "Players player of the year" in simple English he was voted by other players.

2014-08-29 10:02:23.0 | 1 replies


boy, it doesnt mean gore if i doubt gore he deserve the tittle go cho ha ke bale. kante o stlaela?

2014-08-29 13:50:25.0 | 0 replies


Ronaldo ke lekgowa goba keng?.... gake kwishishi botse

2014-08-29 09:01:19.0 | 0 replies


she is beautiful, hamble.

2014-08-29 09:24:11.0 | 0 replies


CR7 is the king I still challenge Messi to go on loan to english team and try to achieve what this boy has achieved before i bow to him

2014-08-29 10:03:34.0 | 1 replies


So he can go play with Cows who takes 3 touches to kill the ball and worse, get kicked himself? Messi is enjoying his football around players who can play like him so why must he go depress himself in England?

2014-08-29 13:05:59.0 | 0 replies