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Chris Brown 'shot at' during party

By bangshowbiz.com | 2014-08-25 07:57:28.0 | COMMENTS [ 4 ]

Chris Brown was targeted and Suge Knight was injured after shooting at a party in Los Angeles on 23.08.14.

The 'Loyal' hitmaker, 25, who is on parole following his recent release from jail, was hosting a pre-bash for the MTV Video Music Awards at the 1Oak nightclub when he was reportedly targeted by gunmen.

Chris managed to escape unharmed, but music producer Suge Knight, 49, was among three of the people hurt in the violent shooting and was rushed to Cedars Sinai hospital for emergency treatment.

A source told TMZ: ''He [Suge] was shot in the stomach and the arm and apparently in other places as well.''

Suge, who reportedly walked out of the nightclub after being shot, underwent surgery and is now being monitored in the intensive care unit (ICU), but is expected to make a full recovery.

Black Eyed Peas star Apple De Ap told the website that party-goers ducked for cover as they heard four shots ring inside the venue just after 1:30am.

The suspected gunmen were detained by police, while the nightclub was searched for clues and revellers were quizzed on what they had seen.

Model Tyson Beckford was also at the bash, while Justin Bieber has partied with Chris earlier in the evening but it is unknown whether the 20-year-old singer was at the nightclub when the chaos unfolded.

Meanwhile, Suge is no stranger to gun violence as he was in the driver's seat of the car that was hit with bullets in September 1996, which ultimately led to Tupac Shakur's death. The music mogul was also hit in the leg during a shooting at Kanye West's VMAs pre-party in 2005.


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someone hand me popcorn the american fools have started, they will shoot each othr to extinction, watch this space.

2014-08-25 08:17:26.0 | 0 replies


In SA...we have Zuma the stooge to keep us entertained...over there, they have these grown ^ss man still calling themselves "lil" something to entertain...common denominator = blacks...eishhh

2014-08-25 12:19:24.0 | 0 replies


Suge knight the walking evil that killed 2Pac...I don't know why chris jizzy still associates himself with such a betrayer. He who lives by a bullet shall die by bullet, and for him its a slow suffering for what he did to 2Pac... RIP Amaru Shakur....as u said it yaself.....your spirit and music will always live on for centuries to come

2014-08-25 12:35:43.0 | 0 replies


I hear Tu Pac is alive. as for Chris bring this boy to Soweto or Dipsloot

2014-09-02 19:40:07.0 | 0 replies