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10 minutes with Pallance Dladla

By Sowetan Live | 2014-08-11 12:41:57.0 | COMMENTS [ 7 ]

Actor Pallance Dladla took some time out of his busy schedule to chat to us about his new movie ‘Hard to get’.

The action/romance movie was the first to be aired to film lovers at the Durban International Film Festival when it opened on July 17.

“It’s my first lead role in film and that stands as a big deal for me, just to be in a local film is a dream come true. I am a believer of local stories,” he says.

‘Hard to Get’ is a drama and romance filled movie portraying a ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ who fight to stay in love.

Dladla plays a character of a handsome young womaniser who finds real love with a sexy thief (a character played by Thishiwe Ziqubu).

“This movie is an action romance love story that portrays love through action, it teaches one about fighting for love,” he says.

“I play TK a guy who is into more than one woman, the hot guy that can use women and get away with it.  But little does he know that he will actually find real love when he falls for a thief, a bad girl,” he says.

With the rise of local films, Dladla says there is a need to build more cinemas in townships.

He believes it will help create more hype over local movies in Mzansi.

“I think we need to make it a big deal, black people don’t go to bioskops. We need more cinemas in townships to build that norm of supporting local productions.”


‘Hard to get’ will be released in South African cinemas on 29 August 2014 however our readers will get to see the movie 2 days before the rest of the country.

Sowetan Live is hosting two screenings for our readers on the 27th of August 2014. The screening will be held at Maponya Mall in Soweto and The Zone in Rosebank.

To join us for the screening, simply fill in the form below before 3pm on Friday, 22 August 2014.

Please note the screening is only for Ster-Kinekor, The Zone in Rosebank (19:30pm) and Maponya Mall in Soweto. Only those who can attend need enter the competition.

No transport to and from the venue will be provided. Popcorn and cool-drink will be provided.

Each winner will receive two tickets

No children allowed

Winners will be contacted two days before the screening.



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I don't like this Pallance Dladla boy. Whenever I see him; I see a snobbish coconut boy. Plus ontsha sekgowa ka dinko literally.

2014-08-11 13:19:47.0 | 1 replies
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Sowetan Bloggers... Let's enter the competition so that we can all 'meet and greet'! And we'll go partying afterwards... ahahahha

2014-08-13 10:45:11.0 | 0 replies


I saw the show shortly its good must see.Sowetan call me

2014-08-19 10:41:24.0 | 0 replies


Webmaster / sowetan i wanted to enter the competition not to subscribe, why do i get the subscription message, please stop this sh#t.I take you to aumbuts.

2014-08-19 10:49:25.0 | 0 replies


Pallance Dladla going big

2014-08-19 14:45:16.0 | 0 replies


haai shredder dont judge, he is actually a cool dude

2014-08-19 15:46:08.0 | 0 replies