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Louis Tomlinson charges £250 for selfies

By bangshowbiz.com | 2014-06-24 08:37:33.0 | COMMENTS [ 1 ]

Louis Tomlinson is charging fans £250 to have pictures taken with him as part of a crowdfunding campaign to raise £2 million for Doncaster Rovers soccer club, which he bought last week with business partner John Ryan.

The One Direction star recently completed his takeover of Doncaster Rovers soccer club and in a bid to raise funds for the team he's offering his fans the chance to have their picture taken with him in return for a £250 pledge.

The 22-year-old heartthrob - along with his business partner, former Doncaster Rovers chairman John Ryan - has launched a campaign on Crowdfunder and has set a £2 million target for the League One side.

The Tomlinson Ryan Trust have donated a six-figure sum to show their commitment and have so far raised £553,617 for the South Yorkshire club by offering soccer and One Direction fans a number of incentives, including photos with Louis and thank-you videos from the star.

Louis - who is a lifelong fan of his hometown soccer club - said: ''I want to see the Doncaster Rovers supporters get the club the success it deserves ... This is a big step which I believe will open up opportunities to provide a very, very exciting future for the club and its supporters.''

However, fans will be left disappointed if the £2 million sum is not raised as pledge rewards will only be given out if the Trust reach their target.


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