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The City of Johannesburg has defended its decision to reject the ANC Johannesburg caucus' call for m.

"If u wanna cook, clean and make tea like a crazy person, marry into a Xhosa family" - Bonnie Mbuli

By Sowetan LIVE | 2014-04-25 09:41:25.0

It's no secret that actress Bonnie Mbuli (Henna) was unhappy in her marriage with Xhosa hubby Sisanda Henna but her recent tweets revealed much more.

Bonnie said on Twitter, "If u wanna cook,clean and make tea like a crazy person ,marry into a Xhosa family#yipIsaidIt (sic)

"Your ass will work so hard ,you'll be begging ur dude to take you home ,on some ..babe,I've got that audition comin up!#" (sic)

Bonnie further compared the Xhosa culture to the movie 12 Years a Slave indicating that she was worse off than those in the movie.

"I love ma Xhosa ppls but Twelve years a slave aint got nothin on ya'll !!!" (sic)

After much critism from her followers, Bonnie later tweets that "It's really simple, u can't own ppls opinions or experiences, you'll just have to deal and move on, nizoba strong! (sic)

After a turbulent marriage, the talented actress Bonnie Henna divorced hubby Sisanda after almost a decade of 'for better or for worse'.

The single mother's last major production was Invictus.

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