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Spikiri's thank-you bashes

By Dimakatso Motau | 2013-01-07 07:45:13.0 | COMMENTS [ 48 ]

VENTURING into the music industry more than two-and-a-half decades ago might have seemed like a hobby, but Mandla 'Spikiri' Mofokeng has realised that dedication can make any venture successful.

This is why the Kalawa Jazzmee record label director - together with fellow musos Bruce Sebitlo, Oscar "Oskido" Mdlongwa and Don Laka - have decided to celebrate his longevity in music by giving back to society.

The respected producer and competent solo artist is hosting bashes, where he will introduce his aspirant-singer daughter, to raise funds for charity.

Mofokeng, also a member of Trompies, the kwaito group, - together with Zynne "Mahoota" Sibika, Eugene "Donald Duck" Mthethwa and Jairus "Jakarumba" Nkwe - says this has been prompted by his personal situation, as a product of a poor family.

He says he "knows full well" how it feels to have nothing.

"Growing up in Meadowlands, Soweto, our family was not wealthy, but through my talent, working hard and being patient, I was able to break the poverty cycle.

"The first of the charity bashes was hosted in Soweto on Christmas Day and the next one will be hosted in Alexandra around Easter.

"I will not be giving money to the beneficiaries, but will buy uniforms and groceries for identified families instead."

He adds that he enjoys making his fans happy through his music.

"The industry has good and bad elements, but I'm grateful that the good overshadowed the bad in my life. Success has also come from making good choices."

About performing with his daughter Thando, 20, he vows that no one will exploit her.

"I can't force her to quit because music is her passion, but I'll make sure she's not taken advantage of."


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Nigerian parasitic pest
Yes I said the the TRC are a bunch of wankers for releasing a demented man who killed 7 people back into society.
No skunky armpits,you wrote "ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA" in bold so that no one could miss your stupid sarcastic observation about our country,yet again.

Nigerian skunk again
Show me one other country where a murderer of 7 seven human beings will be released into society after serving a few years??
What you are highlighting here happened more than 20 yrs ago. What about I show you a place in your home country of Nigeria where 15 people had their throats slit on Christmas day? Is that not more worthy of your coward azz observation for your kin than what happened 20 years ago in our country?

Skunky armpit again
You seem to support AWB rightwingers who killed your kin, I knew you were crazy but not this crazy!
I referred to that AWB article because thats where you dropped your "ONLY IN SOUTH AFRICA" turd.
Not that I care what your opinion of me is,you are an insignificant piece of turd in my space by far.

Skunky armpit
It just shows that you are one of those males who love have no respect for women.
I respect women who respect themselves,not any local cheapy that opens the backdoor to our country to drug peddling foreign ingrates like your azz via their beds.

Skunky armpit Nigerian
I challenged you many times to come and remove me from SA but till date your cowardly behind as done nothing about it. Cowards bark the loudest and die the quickest.That is just the way it is.You want fire i will give you fire.Bring it on!
Indeed you did challenge me,but then like the coward loudmouth that you are,that will croak the quickest like you say,you wasted our time and hid your jelly azz behind a false address again. The only fire you know is your verbal fire while hiding behind false addresses. I told you to stop that and await your turn to be cut to size you little fool.
Now shut up,go to sleep and enjoy our country and humanity before you mess it up for your fellow ingrates.

2013-01-07 22:18:59.0 | 0 replies

@Mgodoyi - I get your point brother.Maybe i was harsh in my initial comment.I do get carried away sometimes.I apologize for my initial comment. My intention was not to disrespect South Africans or South African music.I was just trying to point out an issue which has bothered me for a while regarding the music genre known as Kwaito.

You have made valuable points about American rappers and i do agree with you.I have never considered many of them role models to my kids or young Africans.I hope you understand my point of view though in regards to musician behaving in a progressive manner that youths can emulate.

2013-01-07 14:25:50.0 | 0 replies

@Mgodoyi - If you look at 90% of Kwaito music video ,they are always drinking ,smooching girls or showing grils dancing like whores. Things that were once abominations are now accepted as Ok in Africa.Now we have freaks like Somizi hosting Tv shows and no ones sees anything wrong with that. I have never heard one single Kwaito song that encourages children to read or go to school . I have never heard one single Kwaito song that encourages people to use condoms. I have never heard one single Kwaito song that encourages people to refrain from violence. All the kwaito songs I have ever heard have only had four to eight syllables being repeated over and over again while girls dressed in sexy outfits gyrates in front of the camera. This is why I said that Kwaito songs are meaningless, they do not contribute positively to the society. There is no message in most of them other than for people to dance , shake their bum and get high.I rather listen to native Zulu songs than listen to Kwaito.
Spikiri may be helping the poor and I honestly commend him for that but his music and lifestyle may be influencing the youths negatively. So on one side he is trying to help his community but on the other hand he is damaging the youth of his community albeit unintentionally who look up to him and copy his lifestyle
I hope you get my point now. I want South Africans to produce quality music which has a positive impact on society not a negative impact. At everyone of this kwaito concerts ,someone gets stabbed ,someone gets raped or killed because they are high. it is just a trends that needs to be stopped if the youth of this country are to be saved. Look around you ,the youths of Sa have become extremely lazy choosing to bunk classes, having sex on school property while record it on their cell phone e.t.c South Africa is burning silently brother and nobody seems to notice or care. I notice and I care because I am an African and want Africans to wake up. We have been socially engineered to be regressive and self destructive as is apparent in Africa and the United states. We need to break free of those mental chains. Our destiny is in our hands. It is time for us to do away with things that draw us back and become progressive.

2013-01-07 14:18:22.0 | 0 replies

@Mgodoyi- In the 70s young Africans Americans were all about emancipation, they were in interested in going to school ,getting a degree and becoming somebody. Today young African Americans think it is cool to sell drugs ,rape women ,wear their tight jeans with their underwear hanging out e.t.c More African kids are being brainwash to become gay, just take a look at today’s fashion. It is very difficult to separate gays from straight men with all this ridiculous tight jeans they wear. It is not a coincidence, it is call social engineering.

The real culture of rap has been destroyed and severely commercialized. Now all you need to become a Rapper is a few computer programs and you a star, skills are no longer required.

Kwaito i believe started out well back in the day but along the lines it was hi jacked and turned into a weapon. A weapon that promoted alcoholism, reckless sex and reckless partying. South African youths are so addicted to Alcohol that many of them can’t even go through a day with sipping alcohol. All my South African friend s drink, I am yet to meet a South African who does not drink and I have being in South Africa for 11 years. That is very alarming. On the African continent no country consumes alcohol like South Africa, it has become a south African culture. Every body young old ,blind ,crippled, pregnant e.t.c drinks in this country. Just take a look at the road accidents in December, I bet you half of those were caused by drunk driving.

2013-01-07 14:12:34.0 | 0 replies

@Mgodoyi - I get your point. Bro i do not respect Omarion, Justin Bibier, Kanye West, Christ Brown, Lil Wayne ,Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa and Rihanna. All the above are the worst role models on the planet beside most of them make crappy music except for Rihanna and Chris Brown who both have talent but little brains

I have some respect for Snoop Lion/Dogg because of the way he is a family man. Forget about the weed he smokes for a second, the dude raises his kids well and does not spoil them. He also teaches them to be independent and respectful to others. You should watch his TV show and you will see the real snoop.

I am not a lover western cultures.I borrow good ideas from the west and reject the bad ones. If you know me personally ,you know that i more African than most people because i regular wear my native Yoruba clothes Monday to Sunday. I speak with my African accent and eat my Yoruba cuisine everyday. That being said i dislike music genres that portray Africans as a sex drunk race. Allow me to elaborate:

When hip hop started in the early 80s with the likes of public enemy ,it was about emancipation of the Africans in the USA. It was poetic and meaningful before the Illuminati hi jacked it and turned into a weapon. Rap was used to brainwash young African Americans to deal in drugs , commit crimes ,abuse women and just act like barbarians. The real forefathers of Rap were sidelined and the new illuminati babies were elevated to carry the message of destruction in their music to the youths. They even made black people call each other niggers till this day.

2013-01-07 14:11:54.0 | 0 replies

'It is the way 'they wear those clothes ,their personal hygiene and their general lifestyle that irks me.'
'HAHA!!! For real? Look who is talking about personal hygiene. 'Africa's kings of air pollution by the armpit. Lol.
'As for general lifestyle,it is not 'South Africans' who are featured on warning billboards in major airports about their lowlife lifestyles. It is 'Nigerians on the warning billboards across the globe.
Just 'shut up man.

2013-01-07 14:08:09.0 | 0 replies

It is the way they wear those clothes ,their personal hygiene and their general lifestyle that irks me.
HAHA!!! For real? Look who is talking about personal hygiene. Africa's kings of air pollution by the armpit. Lol.
As for general lifestyle,it is not South Africans who are featured on warning billboards in major airports about their lowlife lifestyles. It is Nigerians on the warning billboards across the globe.
Just shut up man.

2013-01-07 14:05:50.0 | 0 replies

Naija pest
You never comment on this platform until i comment,it is as if you are policing me here so you can spew your xenophobic rhetoric in response to my comments. Get a life dude ,you are just one soul in the midst of the 52 million souls that inhabit the republic of South Africa.
You can keep reporting my responses to have them removed but, What is beneath you is that thing hanging between your dark-navy blue legs you Nigerian pea brain.
Why I respond to you is simple though hard for an empty head like you to comprehend.
This is why, you are part of that school of Nigerian refugee that thinks that because you defrauded your azzes into our country,it means that the average S.Acan are suckers for your anti S.A behaviour and comments. You forget that not all of us are diplomatic politicians nursing foreign relations with your gov. that will smile and allow ourselves to be insulted and our country destroyed by your destructive onslaught on our country. You get too confy and start making a nuisance of yourselves with your uncultured and illmannered shyte in our country.
What do you know about 52million souls in S.A.? Thats part of your problem right there,you already think that you know us and yet you are still to know us. Lastige aap.

2013-01-07 13:49:48.0 | 0 replies

@ 9janavy

You know why ? Because they carry themselves with dignity and are good role models to young Africans.Go as far as far as Tunisia ,Black Mabazo is known there.Nobody knows Spirikiri and his likes outside SA because their songs makes no sense.It Just some ghetto nonsense tune that encourages dancing,sex,booze,drug use and other irresponsible way of life.
I'm sure you'll agree with me that the following artist are not carrying themselves with dignity , and I don't think they'll fit role model category. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa , Rick Ross,Nicki Minaj,Drake, Lady Gaga,Rhihana,Snoopy Dogg/Lion,....however they're making money , and have a huge support in the world.

I'm sure there's few ppl who know this meaningful rapper COMMON......
Why ?

2013-01-07 13:45:30.0 | 0 replies

@ 9janavy

I have great respect for real South African artist who sing meaningful song e.g Mariam Makeba,Black Mambazo, Lira ,Proverb ,Pro kid , JR ,HHP ,Spoek Mathambo, Kabelo Mabalane and many more
I appreciates the fact that there's local artists that you admirer, however not every artist will record a meaningful songs . Music industry now its not about the message but its about hit and numbers. That is why you find a song about "Lolipop" by Lil Wayne making waves and enjoyed all over the world, than a song that is about "Condomise" Sakhile Mthembu .

You also mentioned JR , if you remember very well he released a hit song called "Make that circle bigger"....that was a great song, however in terms of meaningful message, I'm affraid , there's no message in that song.
He(JR) then released a song about Nelson Mandela and there's a very meaningful message in that song , and its also talks about giving back to the community. The truth that song didn't do well in the trade.
My point is we live in a meaningless world now , where everything can be a hit , even if the song is about ''toilet paper'' . What's important is how you execute your song.

2013-01-07 13:37:00.0 | 0 replies

@ 9janavy
It is the way they wear those clothes ,their personal hygiene and their general lifestyle that irks me.

I still don't understand the above statement ,

I still don't understand the way Omarion,Justin Bibier,Kanye West,Christ Brown, Lil Wayne ,Rick Ross,Drake wear their jeans however that's how they prefer to do. I will never understand Lady Gaga's fashion sense .

Personal hygiene
I'm not sure how many times Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa take a shower in 7 days but I will be surprised if the answer is above 5times in a week.

General lifestyle
People will always live thier own lives ,Chris Browns does his own thing , Lil Kim , Rhihana, Snoop Lion/Dogg , the late Army Whinehouse(R.I.P)

My point is ppl live their lives and as much as I don't like Lady Gaga, but I understand its her life , her fashion sense , her life style. My only concern is that there's less critics to these American artists than local artist. I don't know we respect overseas artists than locals.

2013-01-07 13:23:04.0 | 0 replies