Fri May 26 13:11:39 SAST 2017
Brian Molefe sworn in at parliament, Thursday 23 February 2017.
'I never resigned' - Molefe

Embattled Eskom CEO Brian Molefe was considered to be on “unpaid leave” after his initial resignatio.

Capso muthi in her booty - Exclusive music video

By Sowetan | 2012-12-14 16:25:47.0

Capso, got too excited and stretched it a bit about his experience with women.

The Afro-pop musician, known to local fans for his debut album 'Things are as they Are', which spawned the highly circulated song 'Afrika', recently released a rather provocative song titled 'Muthi In Her Booty', which is likely to irk his female fans with his sexist lyrics.

It narrates his own experience about an incident when he caught himself watching a woman from behind as he was going up the stairs and he could not help himself from staring at her curvaceous behind.

The artist says he was so inspired that he excitedly headed home and quickly wrote the song, but it took him 11 months to release the song.

The single, in which he collaborates with Mxo, has been played at clubs and has just released its music video. To view this exclusive video visit: