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Comedian Katt Williams arrested

By Sapa-AP | 2012-11-19 09:03:42.0 | COMMENTS [ 7 ]

Comedian Katt Williams has been arrested after a man told police that the entertainer hit him over the head with a bottle.

Authorities say the 41-year-old Williams was briefly taken into custody on suspicion of assault Wednesday night after the apparent victim said he was attacked aboard a tour bus that was parked outside a downtown hotel.

Williams was released after investigators questioned him and several witnesses. Calls to representatives for Williams were not immediately returned.

Police said the man was treated at a hospital for a cut to his head. His name has not been released.

The performer is known for his HBO special, "Katt Williams: Pimp Chronicles Pt. 1," and movie roles, including "Friday After Next" and "Norbit".


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This guy hit you in the head, this midget?

Kanti how tall are you?

2012-11-19 09:11:22.0 | 0 replies

KAT williams is so short, its hard to imagine how he could hit anybody over the head with a bottle. unless the other guy was sitting on the floor.

2012-11-19 09:22:49.0 | 0 replies

Lol i wish I was there this dude is freaken funny

2012-11-19 09:39:53.0 | 0 replies

- this isssh right here n**a, this issh right here........funny KATT...

-.......unless the guy he hit, was a midget...

2012-11-19 10:44:04.0 | 0 replies

the thought of katt Williams jumping up to reach som1s head is hilarious on its own.....

2012-11-19 14:01:11.0 | 0 replies


2012-11-19 15:02:59.0 | 0 replies

The more controvesy surrounding Kat Williams, the funnier his next special is gonna be. This follows after being in possession of a stolen gun

2012-11-20 07:32:09.0 | 0 replies