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Children invited to audition for Muvhango

By Sowetan LIVE | 2012-10-01 09:00:45.0

"No previous acting experience is necessary, but great energy and personality is paramount"

Open Auditions for Muvhango series 14 will be held on Saturday 6 October at Khoroni Hotel in Venda, Limpopo.

The auditions are open to all children between the ages of 5-18 years old.


BUT WAIT... If you are the parent of a child who wishes to go onto the stage, first read this advice about how to encourage, without applying too much pressure


Auditions will be held for the following characters:

(Male – Venda & English speaking) – 11-15 years:

A quieter, more introspective child who seems not carry the world on his shoulders. As Susan’s child, he will not be chief, so he has less expectation on his shoulders than his younger brother. He is not the favoured child of Masindi because he is not of royal stock.  He is clever and thoughtful and adores his parents.

(Male – Venda & English speaking) – 6-10 years:

Cute, cheeky little kid. As Pfuluwani’s child he is definitely in the running to be the next chief and he will grow up to know this. He gets away with being naughty. He is over-indulged by Pfuluwani and Vho-Masindi, who adore him beyond measure. You know that one day this kid is going to break hearts. Precocious.

Busi Motsamai
(Female – Born Free Generation, Sotho, Zulu & Eng speaking) – 17-18 years:

She has spent almost one year in an English school in Tokyo and when she returns to South Africa, would have to complete her matric year here.

Vusi Mukwevho
(Male - Born Free Generation, Venda, Zulu & Eng speaking) – 17-18 years:

He is the spoiled prodigal son that returns home to course havoc and throws Thandaza into the turmoil of mothering a growing young man. He is charming and uses his charm to get out of trouble. He knows that his mother has influence and can sometimes us it to get away with anything

What the show's creators are looking for:

Kgalema Eugene Mametse, Muvhango Publicist, said in a statement: "We are looking for children who can hold their own in an ensemble cast, but are very spontaneous with a flare of personality, each child will read a script no more than 2 minutes long".

Children under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The audition will run from 9am to 4pm.

About Muvhango:

The Muvhango storyline lies in two, inter-married families, based in Soweto and in Thathe, Venda.  With their intertwined histories and business interests, the two families are at times consumed with rivalries and vendettas, accusations and betrayal.  But 'the centre will always hold, the families will find their way back to each other, differences will be put aside, ancestors will be consulted for guidance, and peace will be made together with renewed commitment to accept each other’s points of view.  This interaction between the more modern Soweto-based family and the established cultural family in Venda provides exceptional opportunity for dramatic conflict…weighing and balancing the old against the new, Western versus traditional, individualism versus community, self-enrichment versus ubuntu…'

The show is produced by Word of Mouth Pictures and broadcasts on SABC2 from Monday to Thursday at 9pm.