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Slikour: it's about pride

By Sbusiso Shongwe | 2012-04-20 07:05:10.0

MUSICIAN Slikour says he is misunderstood by many South Africans.

Slikour, real name Siyabonga Metane, has come under attack recently over his latest release.

The hip-hop star's new song, Blackz are Foolz, has not gone down well with black people and has been the talk of the town and centre of debates in the townships.

Music fans protested and called radio stations, saying the musician insulted his own people.

But he says if people expect him to bow to pressure and apologise, that is neither here nor there.

"This is not a PR stunt, the fact that I have put it online for free download. I am advocating for black pride among black people, myself included. We need to stop relying on the government, on what it can do for us. It's a black syndrome that needs to be cured by us blacks," he told Sowetan.

Perhaps his growing up as a child is a picture that reflects his view of the world.

"I was the only black boy in a class of white kids and probably the only black child in my township who went to a multi-racial school. I was conscious at the age of 9 about the politics of this country. I could not understand why these white kids could have money and lunch boxes when I could not."

Being a child with an inquisitive mind about the politics of the times, he made it his duty to go against the normalities of life as a boy who could not afford to have money.

"I started stealing things from wherever I could spot something worth selling. I sold games to white kids and in the township, that money I saved for a greater cause.

"I am a creator, a distributor and investor. I knew then that I would not succumb to the trend of 8 to 5 routine job."

In the song he says black people are fools, "They just wanna be fresh, and they wanna be cool, give them a little money and they think they rule. But I hope we better than that.

"Nowadays it's all about money and political favours. Is BEE the only way to be something?"

He clarifies that he is not the one who says blacks are stupid, it is the other races who are saying that to us: "It's always 'you guys are lazy, you guys don't want to work, you guys are messing up the country' and other bad comments. Some of which are true".

Slikour says he is open to learning from others, hence he has received positive comments from people who asked him what needs to be done to help change the mentality.

"I tell them about Asia, about the Jews cultivating the culture of self-reliance, how they buy their own products while we are busy trying to keep up with the Jones.

"I wrote this song two years ago but I was not ready to release it then, now that I am ready, I will try to advocate that mentality whenever the chance avails itself, to change one mind at a time."