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SA-Kenyan film wows international audience

By Edward Tsumele | 2012-02-29 06:57:22.0 | COMMENTS [ 20 ]

A MOVIE that has seen talent from South Africa and Kenya collaborating is making waves on the international arena after getting honours at an international film festival in Germany.

The film titled The Boda Boda Thieves, first made its appearance at the Durban FilmMart ealier this year.

It tells a tale of a poverty-stricken family - from Kampala in Uganda - that supports itself through meagre earnings operating a motorcycle taxi, also known as a "boda-boda".

The recognition at the Berlinale International Film Festival's Talent Campus is for its innovative and distinctive African storyline.

The Boda Boda Thieves is a product of collaboration between South African producer James Taylor and his Kenyan counterpart, producer Sarah Muhoho.

The film got a nod for the Highlight Pitch Award of the VFF (The German licensing agency for film and television producers) during the festival's Talent Project Market - a three day summit for emerging film-makers.

Taylor and Muhoho were given an opportunity to get hands-on training as producers and directors.

"The competition was tough and I feel very honoured and humbled by the support we have received in telling our uniquely African story on an international stage," said Muhoho.


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@Shredder. Are you a moffie my broer?

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BigVee: for what? Blame is the most useless phenomenon I know of. It has never fixed anything. You're welcome to play the game, but don't expect much result or sympathy.

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BigVee: for what? Blame is the most useless phenomenon I know of. It has never fixed anything. You're welcome to play the game, but don't expect much result or sympathy.
Your are in denial my broer! you know for what.

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Why blame, BigVee: Blame is the most useless phenomenon. It solves nothing and never will.

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Antimalema: tell them dude

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Only South African equipment and finance where used here, James is a settler and this Sara a kwerekwere, what is my flag doing there?

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then you must blame your whi'te forefathers

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