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Brian Molefe sworn in at parliament, Thursday 23 February 2017.
'I never resigned' - Molefe

Embattled Eskom CEO Brian Molefe was considered to be on “unpaid leave” after his initial resignatio.

African music still foreign to most fans

By TimeOut's Phosho | 2011-11-18 07:58:59.0

Proverb came with his wife. Ever since the guy got a woman in his life he looks well looked after every time I meet him

AT THE Channel O Music Video Awards, which took place over the past weekend, well, it was very interesting to see all the Africans coming from various spheres of the continent in the name of music.

But the sad reality that Phosho noted is that people still know nothing about African music. Some  were really struggling to even identify some of these artists,  mara why?

Maybe not many people have DStv out there.    

Another thing is that though I am still dreaming about getting married one day, it was refreshing to see some of the artists coming with their wives.

Hip-hop artist Proverb came with his wife. Ever since the guy got a woman in his life he looks well looked after every time I meet him.

Another guy whom Phosho nearly mistook for a business tycoon was former Channel O presenter Kabelo Ngakane, who is now doing voice overs for Mzansi Fo Sho.

He came blazing a trail with his wife Molemo.

You just have to like his new walk when he is wearing suits. Big up, Kabelo.

Kwaito artist Brickz came to the event (not with a wife)  walking about in high spirits,  telling people he came  to take what belongs to him since he was nominated for Best Kwaito video.

But guess what?

The award was given to some "kwaito" artist from Namibia, leaving Mabrigado, Professor and Howza with nothing to take home.

Phosho spotted YFM traffic reporter Edna Rose with Trevor Gumbi kanti what's happening with this kid bathong?

One moment she is dining with Sushi King (Kenny Kunene) and the following day it is Trevor. Maybe tomorrow it will be with Phosho. Who knows?

Former SABC1 Zulu newsreader Thobile Mncube was there as well. Usisi  has grown up. She looked good in her black dress.

Phela I heard that ever since she left the news channel she is always so happy, unlike before, when she was at Auckland Park. She was always grumpy but you cannot blame her. Imagine talking about depressing news every day. You could end up not talking to anyone. 

Big up to Thomas Gumede. He did a great job as MC.