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Two suspects in Manana case granted bail

Two men arrested in connection with former deputy minister Mduduzi Manana's assault case appeared br.

Shuping's last songs recorded

By Patience Bambalele | 2011-10-11 08:15:45.0

GOSPEL singer Tebogo Motaung feels honoured to have been chosen to sing a selection of songs, written by the late Oleseng Shuping, for a recently released CD.

The 12-track album, called Melaetsa ya Bofelo ya Oleseng , hit the shelves three-months ago.

The inspiring and soul touching album features an incredible tribute, with Motaung's voice sounding exactly like the late singer.

"It was such an honour to be asked by Cool Spot and the late Oleseng to sing his songs. I feel honoured because he was my idol. I looked up to him, that is why I sound like him," he says.

Melaetsa ya Bofelo ya Oleseng has already sold 20000 copies.

"Oleseng produced one of my albums and the reason he chose me to sing his songs before he died was that I sound like him. The royalties from the CD will be shared with his family," Motaung said.

Ken Haycock of Cool Spot explained: "Once we realised that Oleseng's voice was not going to be strong enough to complete the project he had recorded, we recruited a singer who could do justice to the songs."

He added: "We submitted a short list of candidates and Oleseng chose Tebogo to complete the project which, as it turned out, were the last songs he wrote."

Motaung started singing in 1988.

He has worked with people like Mojeremane and Solly Moholo. The GaRankuwa-born singer has released albums such as Eli-Eli, Thabeng tsa Sione and Morena Mphe Matla.