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Big Brother house down by three

By Gugu Sibiya | 2011-07-11 06:14:43.0 | COMMENTS [ 46 ]

BOTSWANA'S Miss P, Ghana's smooth operator Alex and Angola's gravel-voiced Weza have become the first evictees in the Big Brother Amplified (BBA) House after a 12-day respite.

Nigeria's carefree Karen - who did not use her position as last week's head of the house to save herself - survived her nomination.

It seems her antics as a straight-talker have endeared the Nigerian to the African viewers.

Also surviving was the reserved but quiet Sharon O from Uganda.

As for Weza, she has been a bully and an incurable gossip even from the first house.

According to housemates, she and Ghana's Confidence (who has since been evicted from the house) have ruled that house with an iron fist, gossip and tantrums.

Weza has also been rubbing some female viewers the wrong way.


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nevus-Whatever you say babes LOL *wink back*

2011-07-11 15:38:40.0 | 0 replies

Dis is bye-bye to Bernadina (about tym) shld be interesting 2 c who accompany her. If Karen is up dan Jesh, u mite just b rite. Vimbai needs 2 catch a wakeup. She is makin an enemy of da wrong person. Karen will eat her alive . . .and she has Africa's backing

2011-07-11 13:42:10.0 | 0 replies

Vina versus Karen, Vina is leaving no two ways about it unless the votes are rigged.Zeus is not wanted by the ladies...LOL.But guys I cannot believe Angola did not vote for Weza, they chose Karen
over their country mate, hayi its so unbelievable.

2011-07-11 13:13:57.0 | 0 replies

Jesh-True hey,if karen is up,then Vina its good bye...yoh,its getting interesting.

Afrot-Karen,Berbanadina-Why nominate Wendall,I thought they loved him.LOL

They are busy ommiting Luclay,being quite has helped Luclay not to be nominated.

Kim now wants to do what she did to Nic...hehehe poor Lomwe..LOL

I agree Zeus tends to be highly opinionated man,he knows everything...

Its getting intense ..Thanx for the update guys.

2011-07-11 13:34:05.0 | 0 replies

Karen,Vina,Sharon O,Kim,Millicent , Bernadina and Mumba all nominated Wendall, while Zeus was nominated by Luclay ( he says Zeus talks too much... LOL), Wendal and the ladies except for karen, Millicent and Kim.

Oh by the way, Kim nominated Lomwe, she says she doesn't trust him.

Vimbai and Karen's fight its getting uglier and they both nominated each other and no one touched Luclay.

2011-07-11 13:07:53.0 | 0 replies

if vimbai puts Karen up then vina mite also go...

2011-07-11 13:19:52.0 | 0 replies

Afrot-thanx for the update.Yah thats so obvious,wendall will be saved.

Biggie must just evict all the nominated lot,I dont care.LOLMara Wendall 7,who nominated him..LOL

I guess its toodles to Bernadina,Lomwe and Zeus.

2011-07-11 13:03:54.0 | 0 replies

Nomination List

Zeus - 7

Wendall - 7

Vina - 3

Bernadina - 2

Lomwe - 2

Vimbai will save Wendall and will replace with Karen

2011-07-11 12:32:25.0 | 0 replies

he he he morning all. Ya this was one of the best Sundays. I do agree with the Sharon O issue. She is beyond boring. Mr and Mrs Otono need to sort out their crap and we will have all the entertainment we need. Vimbai is just jealous over a man that cannot even look her in the eye. "Nibbles" is so not into her.

2011-07-11 12:31:00.0 | 0 replies

BIG BROTHER MY FOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2011-07-11 11:09:32.0 | 0 replies

Galfrend, hahaha they both love him but he does't feel anything for them.

Luclay has changed, the guy can play the game, you should have heard him yesterday setting the record straight with Wendall with regards to Lotus and Ernest, and he somehow found out that Karen
wanted to get him disqualified.

2011-07-11 13:21:36.0 | 0 replies