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ANC launches search for talented pop stars

By Kingdom Mabuza | 2011-04-26 06:46:01.0 | COMMENTS [ 106 ]

THE ANC in Gauteng has come up with its own pop star competition.

The winner of the competition will walk away with a recording deal and an opportunity to sing for multitudes of people at the party's centenary celebrations next year.

Organiser of the ANC event, Mpho Tsedu, said people who sing liberation struggle songs stand a better chance of winning.

"One of the aims of this talent search is to sensitise young people about the history of the liberation of our country. We will not exclude anyone who prefers to sing about something else, but those who sing liberation lyrics will stand a better chance," Tsedu said.

Competitions will be held at the Maponya Mall in Soweto on May 7 and in Pretoria on May 14. The venue will be announced later.

YFM DJ Dineo Ranaka, actress Florence Masebe and singer Zwai Bala will be the judges.

Tsedu said the talent search was not meant as an election campaign for the ANC.

"It will go beyond the elections and, yes, the ANC wants young people to vote for the party and we are positive that the talent search will woo them to the ANC. The ANC is their home, and young people should know that they can come to the ANC for their entertainment.

"This initiative is based on what young people of all races have said they want.

"The ANC aims to come up with a music album that represents blacks, Afrikaners, Indians and whites," Tsedu said.

COMMENTS [ 106 ]

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ANC is correct, this organization does not exist in a exist within the people.

2011-04-26 12:26:11.0 | 0 replies

This is not my ANC legale se ke mathata a a tlhokang a very seriouse RDP.

2011-04-26 12:38:43.0 | 0 replies

Olga r u card carying member of the ANC?

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which one

2011-04-26 13:01:27.0 | 0 replies

Not just a card carry member,ANC is in my blood but dilo tse the current leadership e di dirago ke ditshila tsa mafelelo sis.

2011-04-26 13:02:58.0 | 0 replies

I said it before he was elected .......elect a dancing clown for presidency and you will get talent shows all the time, le bo Chommie ka diropenyana ka pela the so called president. sis.....Tambo must be turning in his grave....

2011-04-26 13:09:53.0 | 0 replies

Does ANC pay for RDP houses out of State budget or ANC funds?..c'mon people let's not just jump on the bandwagon. This is a party rebranding excercise, the Youth must grow to love the ANC.

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Nare wena o bua dife jaanong a ko o buise before o bula melomo seleele ke wena(Olga
This is not my ANC legale se ke mathata a a tlhokang a very seriouse RDP)

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