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Remembering reggae legend Lucky Dube (Photos)

To mark 10 years since Lucky Dube's death, his former recording company, Gallo Records, will release.

Khanyi displays her 'V' again

By Akulalwa | 2010-10-21 07:12:54.0

WHETHER it was falling off stage with her legs spread wide and a magnum in between, Khanyi Mbau sure enjoyed her "birthday parties" last weekend.

The parties were called Khanyi Mbau's Golden Birthday Celebrations. They were backed by three back-to-back events. The first party was at The Bank in Rosebank.

Another one was a private affair, while the last one was a picnic with an invitation that demanded that revellers wear swimwear. Yes, it was tiring but the lady sure is entertaining.

At The Bank we watched her go crazy with the likes of Kenny, who owns Club Zar and likes his tight T-shirts. A stunning cake was served and it looked more sophisticated than Chomee's, with Mbau's body spread on the top like a pin-up gal.

Did you guys see Chomee's cakes? They looked like they were bought in bulk or that she made them herself.

We love you Chomee.

Anyway Khanyi turned 25, we think, and we hope she does not lose that wonderful body.

But then, again, we hope she stops spreading her legs so much since in most shots it was either Malcom X hiding her privates or Zizi Kodwa being a bit too close to the ever-smiling Khanyi.

Linda Mokoetsi was the usual candle holder and looked amazing. But le'ts not forget Amstel, who was doing his usual mosquito dance with that fake fur key ring. Only the devil knows why he has it.

Maybe we will discover that it is part of witchcraft. We doubt it as it's a fashion accessory, just like the rubbish Crous found in his penthouse and described as muti.

Thanks Khanyi for the parties.

Now let us all rest before Kenny's big party at Zar tonight. Eish, these celebs are tiring, but we love it.

Oh, you will soon read about Malcom X's party, where we saw Gerry and Kerry Elsdon followed by about seven white models as if it were a harem.

Or were they workers from Sun Goddess who used to walk around Rosebank in robes during their glory days?

Thanks for a great party guys, and the champagne of course.