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Break cycle of violence

By Sowetan Editorial | 2012-10-30 07:51:01.0 | COMMENTS [ 7 ]

STUDIES that have come out of the recent annual Institute for Security Studies Crime Conference indicate that the cycle of violence in this country must not be left to the police and criminal justice system to eradicate from our communities.

Dr Amelia Kleijn, a social worker with experience in dealing with perpetrators and victims of gender-based violence, made sobering revelations about the psychological profiles of child rapists. South Africa has gained notoriety as one of the leading countries when it comes to rape post-1994.

The famous baby Tshepang rape case in 2002, when the little girl was 9 months old, shocked the whole country and highlighted the desperate plight of child victims of rape.

That a grown man could rape a defenceless infant believing the act would cure him of HIV revolted us all and made us sit up as a nation and question the moral degeneration such crimes exposed.

Over the years that memory is resurrected every time a child rape case is reported.

Kleijn's research points to some of the reasons why such depraved men rape kids.

The lack of positive role models in these men's lives contributes to their intense feelings of anger and rejection.

Not all men who grow up in abject poverty and without the influence positive male role models turn out to be rapists.

But Kleijn's observations highlight the fact that it is in the homes that the circle of violence will be stopped. A home is a foundation where values that influence behaviour are built.

Broken homes and parents' negligence in taking care of their children and to instil a moral compass to guide their actions, continues to breed social psychopaths.

These social misfits do not feel that they belong to society and grow up with a keen desire for revenge that manifests itself in criminality.

The psyche of violence in black communities was also documented in a study noting that local men are likely to die from stabbing rather than natural causes, highlighting once again the vortex of violence that can suck in black lives.

These high levels of violence are also regularly manifested in the high number of femicides in South Africa.

Parents must know that the onus is on them to produce upstanding citizens and not pass off this important duty to teachers, ministers, television and the Internet.

All parents must ask themselves pertinent questions on what kind of children we are raising. Moral regeneration in our homes is what is needed to rid society of this scourge.


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let the community take the law into their own hands. this constitution is protecting the criminals. if we can take the law into our own hands, he police won't have too much work to do. instead they can attend other matters.

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The lack of positive role models in these men's lives contributes to their intense feelings of anger and rejection.

i personally do not agree with this statement. Any human being has the capabilities to distinguish right from wrong and these men that continuosly abuse, rape and murder know exactly what they are doing.

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U'r right @Chici7, it jst core business for them. change the damn constitution that protects criminals n u will see change

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Sometimes It is often difficult to pin-point the cause of certain occurrences like rape. I know of two extremes that have taken place that the same constitution has prevailed favourably:

1. A cousin of mine was accussed of rape by a "jealous" and "bitter" ex-girlfriend. The constitution - interpreted by the magistrate - "favoured" the alleged victim regardless of a lack of credible witnesses and evidence and the case dragged on for over 4 years until the, yes I will call her this, B!TCH broke and told the truth. She's now serving 7 years with 3 suspended...

2. A friend's niece (4) was abducted and raped by 2 men and she was found 2 days later in one of the men's shacks/hostel room and later died in hospital. The bastards worked at a local mine and were administered an HIV/AIDS test and found out they were HIV+. Some fukked up colleague of theirs fed them a bullsh!t story that "innocence eradicates the virus" hence they did what they did. One died, the other is still serving life in prison.

In both cases, the behaviour of the perps (ex girlfriend and 2 p0ese) are greately contrasted in that there is no single source of this madness but the same result - realtively. In the first case the girl used the empathetic interpretation of the law to get back at my cousin and succeeded (for a bit) and the second case the same empathy towards the toddler ended a reign of evil on the streets! Our justice system may be flawed but our constitution strives to protect EVERYONE. So if the constitution had been changed, I'd probably would have lost a cousin to a fallacy of justice all in the favour of the "victim".

All I'm saying is, education is key but ignorance will always prevail with primitive minds!

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I agree that parents need to take full responsibility for the training of their children, however it is equally important that the school, community and churches echo the very same teaching that the child receives at home to reinforce it in their minds.

The one thing that academics, politicians and even the clergy, deliberately ignore to the detriment of society, in the name of political correctness is that you cannot speak of law and sound morals without religion. The foundation of laws all over the world is religion and law and order has been sustained by religious indoctrination, thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal etc. Without it you cannot sustain law and order. By religious indoctrination I am not referring to fanatical rantings, but sound teachings that we grew up with.

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Mrazane: Although I agree that religion is a useful tool in social control, I maintain that one CAN uphold those values without the trappings of deities and so on. I am not a religious man, but I grew up in a household which embraced those values, and they have become central to my life, without me embracing any formal religion.

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Hi RobinX

I hear you but from my observation since God has been taken out of our schools it has been nothing but a mess and not only here in the US as well. I find it interesting that a lot of the time people has no qualms with the tooth fairy, harry potter but are opposed to teaching children about God.

My view is let us teach them history in my view shows that society was better off when people feared God than now when they do not.

PS you never answered my question is your new name inspired by Khoi San X aka Benny Alexander ? LoL just teasing

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