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Ruling party must accept full responsibility for massacre

By Andile Mngxitama | 2012-08-21 09:04:29.0 | COMMENTS [ 10 ]

"KILL US, please abelungu," yelled a wounded, probably dying Marikana striking worker shot by the police last Thursday.

These words speak a truth we don't want to face: the Marikana massacre was in defence of white capital, the Cosatu bureaucracy and the ANC government.

The wounded workers understood that the South African state is anti-black.

This state was founded in 1652 through violent land dispossession, destruction of the African way of life and forcing blacks to become workers to provide cheap labour for the mines, industry, on farms and in the kitchens of the whites.

This process created the modern South Africa, the township and squatter camps for blacks and leafy suburbs for whites. The racialised inequalities are a creation of history, to be poor is to be black, to be rich is to be white.

This remains a general truth. The ANC inherited this violent, anti-black state and never transformed it.

Instead, the ANC leadership used access to power to access white privileges and left the majority in the same position as they were under white rule.

We see the reality of the continued anti-black state by the quality of services the government gives to blacks. These services are for the most part no better than what apartheid gave blacks. In some instances the services are worse, such as RDP houses.

The SA state was founded on black oppression, it was never designed to serve blacks. It means that the ANC are now the black managers of this state and are inevitably going to use force to keep blacks under control.

The demand for a minimum wage of R12000 by the Marikana workers strikes us as unreasonable because we have come to expect blacks to be treated with no regard at all.

We know that on average a white man earns R19000 a month and a black one R2400. Cosatu, as a component structure of the ANC, also plays its role of keeping blacks in their place by not supporting a living wage or even democratisation of the economy through workers' control.

The reason is that the leadership of Cosatu, like that of the ANC, has access to white privileges - hence the leader of NUM, the mineworkers' union, is reported to earn R1.4-million a year. The workers he leads earn R48000 a year!

The continuation of the anti-black state to defend white capital must necessarily use violence against blacks from time to time.

Malema is wrong, if not opportunistic, to single out President Jacob Zuma - the whole ANC must take responsibility. The massacre must not be used for factional fights in Mangaung. This is not the first or last massacre. In an essay before Zuma became president, I predicted that he will give the masses bullets, when Vavi and Malema were saying they would die for Zuma.

The problem is not the individuals, it's the policy choices the ANC has made.

The ANC must take full responsibility for what has happened, as in the case of Andries Tatane.

When the police killed the children of Soweto the world was clear that the National Party was responsible. We must be consistent and say: this time around it's the ANC.

  • Mngxitama is the author of the essay: From Zuma to Mbeki: what is the difference?


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What a pathetic, racist, anti-white article this is. The Marikana shooting had nothing to do with whites in this country. It is authors like this who is pushing this country over the edge. Without a shadow of a doubt whites, and their investments (both financial and intellectually) are the glue that still holds this (nearly failed) state together from disappearing into the 3rd world hellhole that the rest of southern Africa is. The author want to make is sound as if whites arrived here in 1652 and found cities, factories, industries etc and violently took control and enslaved the blacks. Just like that. Friends... there was NOTHING. Just a few mud huts up north. This country was build up by whites in 100 years to one of the best in the world. Yes, together with the advancement came the oppression of blacks and that cannot be wished away. Now, 20 years later, we cannot blame the whites for the failures of black government. They have corrupted, mismanaged and destroyed all that was good and working in this country. Also the argument that 'on average white males earn R19000', that is pure nonsense, I personally do not know one single white friend/family member etc that earns near that amount. I do know a lot of white males that earn around R5000-R8000. So please don't let the author fool you into thinking that white males just sit around doing nothing and getting paid megabucks. That is rubbish. Those that do earn those amount are highly educated with rare skills that have worked hard to earn their money. It seems that blacks have this idea that everyone (regardless of ethics, hard work, education etc) are entitled to the same salary than other people. You know what: life isn't fair or free and you have to work hard to get to the top. How will blacks (as a people) ever get to the top if they continue throwing rocks, damaging innocent people's property, burning down schools, killing each other etc like barbarics. You cannot enrich the poor by stealing from the rich. It doesn't work that way. Government must provide the social and economic environment for people to start businesses that will thrive, employ people and in so doing create work, uplift communities and aid social cohesion. That is the only way. Look at Zimbabwe, is that what we aspire to? Yes the blacks have everything, land, everything, but are dying of hunger in their thousands. There is NOTHING left. We must be careful what we wish for. White may just be our best friends.

2012-08-21 11:52:45.0 | 0 replies

now i realize that black people are still oppressed by whites and this so called ANC gorvenment. how can someone say the whites comes nor made everything we have in south africa. this cde eric no"s about mapungubwe tribe? i hate to read some pro whites so called cde talking about somethings they dont no. this whites are cheater they persuate our people so that they think everything comes with them.

innocent people where killed , but still u protect this capitalist. even this kind of a thing will never happend @ zimbabwe. imagine if this massacre happend at zimbabwe. this capitalist where going to bomb down zimbabwe, but bcause it happend at capitalist power house the media will do everything to protect this gorvenment.

2012-08-31 10:45:18.0 | 0 replies

Andile is just a poor baher of the ANC because he knows that his Azapo will never ever have any chance of having power. They will always remain with one seat in parliament. Ndoda Andile do a proper research and tell us something better than what you have written. You will just remain an amrchair critic.

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I quote you "Yes, together with the advancement came the oppression of blacks and that cannot be wished away. Now, 20 years later, we cannot blame the whites for the failures of black government. They have corrupted, mismanaged and destroyed all that was good and working in this country".
Therefore from your quote above white advancement happened at the expense of black people and you want to tell balcks not to blame apartheid.
Do you imagaine yourself telling the Jews not to hunt down the Nazi Germans who persecuted them to forget because it happed long time ago? No self respecting Jew can forget the holocaust.

By the same token no self respecting black be they rich/poor can forget apartheid. You yourself you are an apartheid benefactor and I am not expecting much from you however can you keep your racially inclined views to yourself.

There is no way we are not going to blame apartheid especially when a white tries to tell me that I shouldn't blame everything on apartheid.

Maybe any balck person can tell me that and I wont have a problem but definitely no a white.

You are telling me about 20 years how long was apartheid Government in power which people like you kept to voting for to keep it in power? Your were the "chesen people - Die Herrenvolk".

Broer think before you talk lest you evoke memories that are very bad from apartheid era government.


2012-08-27 11:45:22.0 | 0 replies

Oh for heavens sake what nonsense. You people want the world to believe that the problems of poverty stillfaced by masses of black people is because the ANC government is anti - black . Hahahaha that miust be a joke. The ANC fought at great cost against white domination. What possible reason woulf they have for now wanting to protect white interests and be anti - black ? Come on - you cannot seriously believe that.

Why do you then take this stance ? The reason is simple - so you can continue blaming whites, even 18 years after the ANC took power, and despite the fact that there have now for 18 years been onerous anti white policies in place. If you don't believe this, please just look at the job advertisements in newspapers and see how many don't put " Employment Equity" considerations as first and foremost, phone the universities and ask them about entrance policies, look at the BEE legislation and see whether a white person can do business with government or large corporates. Thsi has been going on for 18 years, a whole generation of white children made to take a back seat,and white owned small businesses to try and somehoe survive, in many cases transferring 50% of their businesses to black BEE partners, etc.


This is victim mentality at its worst.

The main reason for the coninued poverty in this country is simply the poor governance of the ANC. Post 1994 SA was the darling of the world, everyone wanted to do business with us, which is the way we coiuld have started turning povery around But no, corruption, cronyism, cadre deployment, became the order of the day - together with increassing unfriendliness towards our trasding partners, in order to curry favour with thelikes of Zimbabwe and China.

The other important means of eradicating poverty, education, has been completely stuffed up by the ANC government. I suppose this is also to protect white interests ?

Please man, face the fact that the black government has failed its people because of inefficiency, corruption, etc. Rather concentrate on howe to turn this government around, or get it out of power, than spend your days trying to figure out more creative ways in which to keep pinning the blame on whites.

2012-08-22 15:31:17.0 | 0 replies

@african-guy @jb @nwaiza

Thanks for your comments and thoughts guys. I just want to clear up that I did not mean in my post to sound pro-white and that everything can be blamed om the inadequacy of blacks. I think what I was trying to say is that yes our country and the black people in it was hurt, pushed down and kept back by Apartheid which favored whites in every way, which can never be justified. The point I was trying to make is that whites also brought good things here to Southern Africa, advancements that I honestly do not believe would have happened with only black people here. The problem was that blacks were never allowed to enjoy these good things together with the whites. And that was wrong. I also agree with you guys that blacks are pulling on a short end financially due to the high levels of unemployment and poverty. But on the other hand you guys must also admit that there are some things that black people (in general, there are always exceptions!) do that I believe is a root cause of what keeps them back in life: poor work ethic and discipline, the taking part in violence, vandalism etc. Just the other day in my town I look at the place where the taxi rank is located, everywhere is broken glass, bottles, rubbish etc, why is it necessary for those people to litter like that? I understand poverty, but you can still throw your rubbish in a bin... Is it cultural? Just the other day I talk to a black friend I met at the soccer field; he tells me that he has 5 girlfriends, 4 kids and he has no money. Why then not think or plan ahead? Why then have so many kids and add four more souls into a world of poverty? These are the things I cannot understand. How do blacks ever expect to reach the top and get rid of poverty etc if population just keep on exploding like that without thought of the future, how do they expect to get to the top when most have no work ethic or pride in their work (you only have to look at the pathetic state of our municipal and police stations to see the kind of people that sits and sleep in those buildings everyday.) I am not saying everone is like that, but you have to admit there are SO MANY that are that way... The point I am trying to make is not to break down the black culture, nor do I want to claim that other cultures do not have their own shortcomings, I just feel that the populistic view that everything can be corrected by forever blaming Apartheid and wanting everything on a plate is getting old. Trust me there are injustices that need to be corrected, I understand that, but blacks must also as a people say we have our own shortcomings, how can we change ourselves to become a better people. Whites must also get of their high horse and stop pretending that the whole world revolves around them. I believe that if white and black take hands they can go very very far, but this thing of the one always blaming the other is tearing our country apart.

Maybe one day we can truly be a rainbow nation.

2012-08-22 14:20:00.0 | 0 replies

@ cde eric

Wow your cheap defense is really low budgeted, you want blacks to blame each other for the situation they never created? Come on be realistic and stop what ever you are smoking, its is through cheap labour, exploitation and violence that whites have build what you claim to have done. Do you really believe yourself when you say if it won't for whites South Africa wouldn't have advance? By the way what you mean advance? Probably you mean the slave master relationship should be the order of the day, be careful of distorting history. The arrival of whites in 1652, black people life became meaningless go and read the "Diary of the Voortrekkers"

Coming to the issue at hand, the author is right to blame whites, ANC and Cosatu for this massacre, the article posted on Politicsweb by Solidarity tells us the injustice that is been done to black workers on Lonmin. Lonmin black workers earn R4500 a month whilst Solidarity expose that these workers should be earning R10;500 a month according to their agreement. So cde eric, can you say again that the author is lying? To support the author madness when National Party decided to closed shop and guess who they think have the same understanding and thinking? You right it was ANC.

Apartheid was anti-black so is the current ruling party, to them as long as the whites are happy and are protected from the so called blacks they are fine. Keeping blacks as servitude, in poor living conditions, low wages, uneducated and inadequate service delivery they see nothing wrong with that. Would you say that this government has an interest of changing the past imbalances? We can go the whole day on this matter cde eric. ANC is anti-bllack period

2012-08-22 11:37:25.0 | 0 replies

@cde-eric when whites came the only thing they o had on their minds was colonisation. thats y today the colonial rule still exist, the marikana massacre is because of blacks wanting money. the same money that blacks fought for is withing the whites hands. the corrupt government that u are talking about was introduced by whites. if there was no explotiong there would not be such.

2012-08-21 22:46:53.0 | 0 replies

@ cde-eric
The system that the ANC is presiding over was started by whites for the benefit of whites, and the ANC is perpetuating it. Whites were never the glue holding this country together, in fact they were using the divide and conquer modus operandi among the African people. What happened in Marikana will become a common occurrence as the ANC tries to control the nation from deserting it.

2012-08-21 19:38:13.0 | 0 replies

Andile, you are spot on as always- the ANC must take full responsibility for killing black people. I'm afraid it is only going to get worse as soon as these managers of white capital and protectors of ill-gotten white wealth realise that the masses of black people are no longer gullible and accepting uncritically the lies of so called freedom the more ruthless it is gonna get. We must brace ourselves for the worst. We are marching on Parliament, shotly.Forward with September National Imbzo!!

2012-09-05 17:26:37.0 | 0 replies