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Racial and tribal stereotypes to laugh about

By Redi Tlhabi | 2011-08-12 08:39:08.0 | COMMENTS [ 483 ]

Stupid things we believe about others

RECENTLY on my radio show I wanted to find out from our listeners what stereotypes make their blood boil.

The hilarity of the responses evoked such laughter that I am compelled to share what came out.

Firstly, I got my knickers in a knot about the stereotype that being an affirmative action appointee means one lacks brains and qualifications. As a proud affirmative action supporter and beneficiary, I am delighted that I have the opportunity to apply my talent and what I learnt at university and various broadcasting institutions.

I have found that when listeners disagree with something I say, they quickly remind me that were it not for affirmative action, I would not be behind the microphone. I say they are right!

But of course what they mean is that I lack the intelligence and training to do my job. How wrong.

I also bemoaned the oft-repeated stereotype that "South Africans are lazy!" Excuse me? This economy was built on the back of exploited South Africans, who toiled the mines and farms at great risk to themselves, in search of the earth's bountiful resources.

The factories across this land were operated by men and women who caught trains at the crack of dawn, producing goods that they could not afford with their meagre salaries. So don't talk to me about South Africans being lazy!

Let's not forget the appalling misogynistic stereotype that women who wear mini-skirts are asking for it.

Once we got the serious stuff out of the way, we really delved into the stereotypes that make us unique as people and are a source of good-natured laughter.

A Limpopo woman says she hates the stereotype that people from that region are ZCC members.

A Xhosa-speaking woman lamented that other women look at her with grave suspicion because Xhosa women are known to steal other women's boyfriends and husbands.

A Shangaan male phoned to assure us that he is not well hung and lacks the ability to keep going the whole night!

My male listeners were relieved that the competition is not that stiff.

But a brave white man told us that the stereotype that bugs him is that all white men have small packages but in his case it is true. I swear he said this.

A Venda caller also debunked the myth that all Venda and Shangaan people drink Fanta Orange, Pine Nut and Iron Brew soft drinks.

An Indian woman said her nerves are rattled when people assume she is Muslim or a Taliban supporter.

A Jewish listener was emphatic that not all Jews are rich and stingy.

We learnt in this conversation that not all Portuguese own a fish and chips shop.

A white woman set the record straight that white people do actually get cold when it is cold! She also dismissed the assumption that all white people like to have their dogs in bed with them when they sleep.

I learnt of a new stereotype from a comment posted on twitter that: "If you are from Mpumalanga you must have cheated in your matric exam!"

Brandon phoned us to say: "Redi, I am Coloured, I don't speak Afrikaans, I don't come from Eldos and most importantly I have all my front teeth." Yes sir, I replied!

Clara informed us that her big bugbear is the belief that feminists all have hairy armpits and hate men. Well I know a few that do (have hairy armpits) but, hey, that's beside the point.

Another Indian caller argued that not every Indian is looking to cut a deal! No one believed him!

A Lesotho national poured scorn over the stereotype that all Basotho wear blankets and ride horses all the time!

As expected we had some Nigerians telling us that contrary to popular belief, they are not all drug lords.

We had a great laugh over the stupid things we believe about each other and that is exactly what stereotypes are: popular beliefs based on assumptions.

Let's not forget to separate them from reality.

COMMENTS [ 483 ]

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In Limpopo there'sa place called "LERETE LA KATSE"...kikikikiki

2011-08-12 15:02:55.0 | 0 replies

@Mellow whites do not care about tribes to them as long as its black its black no difference.

Please tell Candy i seek her attention

2011-08-12 15:11:05.0 | 0 replies

Hi Mellow
Tlogela Batswana man.Jealous down .
Wa e itse evolution .We cannot apologise because gape rona re feditse evolution.
Hahahahahha wena o mpolaile dood yes ka nnete le e feditse, mara ga ke jealous akere I said I still love you all as my fellow Tswana brothers a ke tlhaloganye gore why le le lazy so, in everything you do...

2011-08-12 15:11:27.0 | 0 replies

batswana, masepa batho bao
Ke eng ? Bao timile dijo .

i used to share a place le Batswana, ga ke tšwele ba šale ba utswa matswai aka. ke belaela goreng a fela ka pele.
one day ka mark fish oil layer, they didn't see that.
go tloga moo ka thoma ka šumiša skelm key

2011-08-12 15:12:32.0 | 0 replies

@ Africanist - I'll ask you the same question.. You really think whites smell, have you never driven in a taxi or bus? I have ONCE and never again.

Also, take a good look around any taxi/bus rank, always DIRTY STINKING LITTER everywhere.
Sies, you guys also shave your hair in public and it blows all around the dirty taxi/bus rank...... YUCK!!!!
yes anyone who is dirty will smell including Africans.
Im telling you about some natural body odor which is not a result of not taking a bath.but somehow caucasians have it and because its mostly caucasians who do research and write books, they hide this phenomena.nobody wants to discuss it.

2011-08-12 15:12:37.0 | 0 replies


ba re they use 'L" cause inzulu there's no "R"

2011-08-12 15:12:38.0 | 0 replies

@Luv2kiss bhwahahahahahaha no sweety i use i am Xhosa and proud.
n sum of us r not proud of your sluttish behavior n lies, u belong in Mthondongenangqondos bag of sluts n insults

Heey khipha leyonto ebhegini yam" toe? izo-stainer my valuables!

2011-08-12 15:12:47.0 | 0 replies

The Africanist
if you two want a 3 some with me Im willing

You are so predictable - once anything gets remotely to the truth - you mud sling with some stupid sexual innuendo. Nice - "Tribalist"!

2011-08-12 15:13:16.0 | 0 replies

KUKU-Gal what did u say again about Zulus not being able to pronounce R?What was it again?kwakwakwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa im still laughing!Hayi chick you are crazy....LMAO
No for real gals, it took me forever to start pronouncing the 'R' letter, i think i was in grade 6 when my teacher taught me how to say three i always used to pronounce it as "thwee" lol eish *guilty as charged on this one*

2011-08-12 15:13:28.0 | 0 replies


u know kuku has a point..zulu's when they say 1 rand..they 1lant...bhwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa



2011-08-12 15:13:34.0 | 0 replies

Zulu man bona shem ke di doom, wen they go to tavern or pub to hav few drinks always ba vaya ele group ya more than 18 and if u can ask them why ba vaya ka group, they will tell u gore"hey wena cnt u see gore they say NO UNDER 18"


i had to laugh .....BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

2011-08-12 15:14:23.0 | 0 replies