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Comrade Malema, you are just another ruthless politician

By Andile Mngxitama | 2011-07-26 07:52:53.0 | COMMENTS [ 185 ]

DEAR Comrade Malema, I write this open letter to express my utter disappointment in you...

The media revelations of how you made the wealth to fund your lifestyle can't be brushed aside anymore.

I don't know if you know the saying: "Behind every great fortune there is a great crime". But recent reports prove just that.

Comrade, the wealth and comfort enjoyed by whites in South Africa is a product of historical violent theft of our land, labour and destruction of the African way of life.

Instead of fighting to redress these historical injustices, you have now literally joined those who stole from us to set yourself up, while the people continue to suffer.

When I heard that you were demolishing a R3,6million house in Sandton to build a better one for R16million, I calculated that you would be living in a R20million house.

I found the idea of destroying a house in a country that has a huge housing backlog a cruel act by one who claims to represent the poorest of the poor.

I know you know a place called Setswetla in Alexandra township. You where there just before the local elections with Human Settlements Minister Tokyo Sexwale and others.

The R20million could solve the appallingly hellish condition of the people of Setswetla. Do you know how many RDP houses could be built with R20million?

Exactly 50 years ago Frantz Fanon wrote that the curse of post-colonial Africa were the leaders who took over from the colonialists only to become black colonialists themselves.

He warned that such people take power from the whites to serve themselves, not the people, while using the rhetoric of a better life for all.

He called such leaders the comprador. You have become a comprador even before you take formal power as an official politician. The comprador, according to Fanon, is engaged in "conspicuous consumption". Please check the meaning of this concept in the dictionary, sir.

I'm disappointed because of all the leaders we have, you have stood up and spoken about the real issues that your party has avoided.

But it is clear now; you have been an opportunist who raised these issues, not to solve them, but to trick the poor who have been waiting for a better life for all for almost 20 years now under your party's rule.

Instead of leading the new struggle as a selfless leader of the poor, you only pay lip service to the plight of our people while you amass great amounts of wealth through your political influence.

You could have chosen a different path sir, the path of Thomas Sankara, who sacrificed all personal comforts to serve the people.

Or you could have chosen, just like the youth leaders of June 16 1976, such as Tsietsi Mashinini and Khotso Seatlholo, to be guided by the principle of "the people first".

No, instead you put yourself first! The black youth of this country has been abandoned by the ANC government. They looked up to you and you have let them down badly.

You are just another ruthless politician in the ANC alliance, who uses words to deceive.

  • Mngxitama's new essay in New Frank Talk is titled Is Malema a Mugabe? A short political biography of Julius Malema.

COMMENTS [ 185 ]

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Jul 26, 2011

Nationalization of mines is going to happen like it or not & the land will be taken back to the rightful owners in our time.


Just to prove to you that you guys don't think before you speak

An extract from Business day

THE contrast between the mining environment in Zambia and SA was stark at the first mining and energy conference in Zambia last week, where Zambian Mines Minister Maxwell Mwale said unequivocally that the nationalisation of his country’s mines was a failure that should never be repeated.

Just proves that you are uneducated
please read and learn

2011-07-26 15:34:19.0 | 0 replies

Andile...all i can say to you my brother is...PROFESSIONAL JEALOUSY...JUJU has achieved more as a politician than you can ever dream of. He is influencing policy shift in this country, something that you have desperately failed to achieve yourself in your chequered carees as a so called analyst. How can you use an article that is fraught with inconsistencies to draw conclusions about someone...there is not even an investigation that is underway but you are already casting negative aspersions on the persona of JUJU...shame of you...you have lost all manner of respect that i had for you. The rightwing media using an unsuspecting young journalist from polokwane - Piet Rampedi, is trying to destroy the best talent we have as a politician in this country and you are falling for it...SHAME ON YOU!!!

2011-07-26 14:08:18.0 | 0 replies

I hope black Africans will now see ANC for what it is. Juju is not alone, there are many within the ANC who are doing the same. Again whatever agenda Afriforum has will not benefit black Africans. I think it is time for black South Africans to determine their fate. Malema and his ANC must go.

2011-07-26 14:02:52.0 | 0 replies


Does apologising mean they bridge did not fall? You must remember that apologising does not necessary mean you have no case against the person, i.e charges against Zuma were dropped does it mean he had nothing to answer to? No it doesn't. In the bridge story at the time they had no conclusive evidence and becuase the ANCYL has always claimed they are targeted by the media they needed to make sure that they had their story straight, and the very same people that were implicated then are still implicated now, do not promote ideotic expression please. Even a bat can see that Malema has a lot to answer to.

2011-07-26 13:59:02.0 | 0 replies

Stop dreaming and smell the coffee. What ever poisend your mind should please live this young gal alone.

"People who support Malema are either corrupt themselves or hoping Malema (their leader) will help slip some tenders their way, so the blatant thieving of state resources can continue. It's every man for themselves now. Eat or be eaten."

I wanted to say some thing but i am just hopeless with this kind of information our ppl are poisend with. ANC is not Malema and MAlema is not ANC when are ppl going to learn that nor differentiate that. Some of this statement are so irresponsible one dont know where this ppl get information from. but this is topic for another day.

2011-07-26 13:56:26.0 | 0 replies


I wont even dignify your question with an answer.

2011-07-26 13:44:59.0 | 0 replies

@AK1234, i am surprised you can write, because you talk like a sheep.

bbbbwaaaaahahahahahahahah! *dead*

2011-07-26 13:43:33.0 | 0 replies

Did you trust what this journo has said? Remeber what happen to the malema bridge they end up apologising. The very same news paper dont count chickens before.....

2011-07-26 13:40:30.0 | 0 replies

Lala land where is this place, are u sure your are at the right place?

2011-07-26 13:37:40.0 | 0 replies

@AK1234, i am surprised you can write, because you talk like a sheep. If we dont open our eyes soon will be just another african country eating dirt. But the positive from this is that only about 1% of this forum supports that fat fvck!

2011-07-26 13:36:58.0 | 0 replies

@swona. spoken like a true legatlapa

2011-07-26 14:08:57.0 | 0 replies