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Tatane's death underlines need for government to deliver

By Bolekaja - Andile Mngxitama | Apr 19, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 61 ]

"THE ANC government brutally murdered a peaceful martyr for social justice, Andries Tatane, on April 12 2011 in Ficksburg.

"The ANC government is responsible for Tatane's harrowing death in the same way that the Nationalist Party government was responsible for the murder of Steve Biko,"reads the press statement issued by the September National Imbizo (SNI).

The SNI is a non-aligned movement for social justice.

The media, commentators, opposition parties and government are united in reducing Tatane's murder to a matter of bad policing, thereby restricting responsibility to the six rogue policemen we saw assault and allegedly shoot Tatane.

This line of thought, deliberately or otherwise, hides the truth that Tatane was killed by government forces as a result of the government's failure to deliver.

We can't blame the police officers who have been hired to suppress people's struggles. Almost a thousand people a year have been killed in police action since 1994.

Tatane is now a symbol of the injustices of our 17-year democracy.

Like Jesus Christ, who was murdered by evil authorities at 33 years, Tatane was also murdered at 33 by a government that has lost its capacity to listen to the people, while it creates heaven on earth for the politically connected few.

If you take the picture of Tatane's lifeless body in the arms of his comrade and put it next to the picture of Hector Pieterson's limp body in the arms of Mbuyisa, a striking similarity emerges.

Hector Pieterson was the symbol of the 1976 uprising in the same way that Tatane is the symbol of service delivery struggles today.

Locating Tatane among the South African great heroes the SNI also said: "(Tatane) could have chosen to pursue a career and not care for the community, but he did not.

"He could have joined the ANC and got tenders, he did not.

"He could have become a businessman and made money for himself and his family, but he did not. He could have sat and watched with indifference as his community was marginalised further by the ANC government, but yet again Tatane chose his community over his own interests.

"Like Biko he was prepared to die because he knew that 'You are either alive or proud or you are dead' as Biko said.

"Tatane chose to be alive and proud and stood for the dignity of his community! "

The SNI will join Pastor Xola Skosana of the Way of Life Church, in the "Welcome to Hell: South African Townships", march through the townships and squatter camps of Cape Town on April 23.

The march seeks to highlight the hellish state of services in townships.

The SNI will also launch its Politicians and Public Servants Use Public Services campaign in honour of Tatane.

The main demand of the campaign is that all public servants, from the president to the councillor, from the director-general to the street sweeper, must themselves and their families use public services by law; mainly schools, hospitals, transport and housing.

This campaign seems to be a fitting tribute to the memory of Tatane, the gallant fighter!


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How can decent South Africans unite in joining hands and take control of our destiny, now?

Stop illegal tax for lawless corrupters!

The state may tax for legal use, but never for its reported massive illegal corruption. The state must prevent corruption or recover and also tax it. If not, it is illegal too, and discriminating. Tax laws used for corruption are likewise illegal.

Numerous reports for years prove illegal misuse of tax for massive state corruption. The state controls all decisions, actions, negligence, records and personal information of its own corrupters. Thus no reason exists why the state cannot prevent or recover and tax corruption. It is illegal not to do so, and this selective taxing discriminates against the poor and honest taxpayers. Most important, no civilized law is legal for criminal or illegal purposes like corruption, hence tax laws for its use are likewise illegal.

Clearly, state corruption thrives on grand scale illegalities. Certainly, the illegal nature of these amassed trillions amounts was never legally approved. Stop this criminal, illegal, discriminatory and protected state corruption with its illegal tax burden. Honesty by all shall slash tax for all.

Represents the brutal corrupt state the peoples? Bloody oppression of protests by distresssed peoples against absurd services. While a quickrich corrupt minority parasitising on illegal tax of captive masses.

Freedom peoples, reject the fake elections of tyrants. And demand government elected and controlled by and serving your own people.

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Some of you are now discussing whether making reference to Jesus is relevent on not - the main problems here are 1. Service Delivery 2. Mass Action by protesters 3. Suppression of freedom of expression by protesters by the police forces 4. Police Brutality, and the latter taking centre stage - Now tonight, do not miss any SABC News, and experience yet another police brutality in Midrand Police Station, and it will also be screened on Morning Live tomorrow morning...

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@ Deelock in this blog we mostly disagree to agree mnay times.
U have just point out factors, but we need a way out.
whose gonna help??
I dont trust any of the political leaders yet someone has to be trusted.

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I find it mind-boggling that the bloggers here, after being enlightened to the the extreme with this philosophically adept, poignant article, can be so shallow. You are missing the point! If you want to argue the silly subject of Jesus' age at the time of his death then please Google it. EISH!!!

In the words of Mark Twain: it is better to remain quiet and appear stupid than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

To our Muslim friends: it's relevance is that a prophet was indeed murdered for something that he believed in and hence the parallel is universal in its appeal.

In my opinion, and as stated previously, this article complies with good journalism as the parallel is precise and directly relevant to the message the author wishes to convey. He is not equating Tatane with Jesus but merely pointing out the similarities (which is overwhelming) between Tatne's murder at the hand of the authorities and the murder of a prophet, also at the hand of authorities. The distinction is clear and unambiguous and the author does not claim that Tatane is Jesus.

In further support of the author's statement I would venture that many or most citizens feel that Tatane is a martyr. May his memory live.

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Crazy but I think this government has lost it's context. It's currently running around the courts trying to justify nonsense. This whole shoot the Boer crap is just a distraction so we forget what the true issues in this country are. I for one think that it's sad that the current leadership wants to stay relevant by invoking the spirits of the dearly departed. It's like getting into a fight and threatening your opposition with your older brother or your father. People will only be scared for so long before they dicide to take on this brother of yours.

Why should we as black people still want to sing kill the boer today in 2011? Clearly if the ANC has done such a good job of transformation, then the boer could actually turn out to be black. Furthermore we have our own issues right now such as the transformation of sectors such as Banking and mining. The whole economy seeks redress, in a manner that is non threatening and sustainable. But NO. We need to "Kill the Boer". Where's the sense in that? Why can't Malema the champion of the youth compose songs that are relevant to todays issues? After all those songs have a historical context, which in my view is becoming less and less miningful. Juju needs to speak to Arthur and maybe they can come up with something that works for today.

Those cops shouldn't be held accountable. 17 years on and the cops are as brutal if not more so than ever. Governmanet should be held accountable. Lets not blame it on Apartheid. blame it on Governments reluctance to change things. Just by adding an "S" at the end of "SAP" doesn't make it a transformed service. Someone needs to pay financially. I say they must SUE the state. Make every Tax payer feel it where it hurts, then maybe the tax payer will become an active participant in Government. Right now they have a blank cheque.

Yes Jesus was 33 when he died.

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i also dnt get it y is this guy compared with Jesus, talk abt blasphemy at its best, plzzzzzz dont do that "writer"

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its true Christianity understand he died at age 33 but I dont have time to go through the google report now to get scriptures.

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JESUS died that time man just google hei. obvious the is no scripture mara when you read when did HE start ministry you will see when did HE die.

Apr 19, 2011 1:32 | 0 replies

we need facts here,that age is not mentioned anywhere in the bible,
prove me wrong by refering me to a sripture.

Apr 19, 2011 1:20 | 0 replies


he was murdered at 33 read history joe google ai.


hi zi gal

Apr 19, 2011 1:8 | 0 replies

i have never seen a passage in the bible that says Jesus was murdered at the age
of 33,or am i reading different bible?

Apr 19, 2011 1:6 | 0 replies