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Contractor delivers shoddy work on balcony

By Thuli Zungu | 2017-09-04 10:44:15.0

There is always a disadvantage in paying the whole service amount when you do not know the service provider.

In May, Adrian Stevens of Quellerina, Roodepoort, contracted Morné Bekker of TaylorMade Steel Balustrading, also in Roodepoort on the West Rand, to do a balcony .

Stevens was quoted R129000, which he has paid in full, but he said the work delivered is shoddy and poses a safety hazard to his family.

Stevens has been battling to get the job completed for the past three months.

Enlisting the service of an attorney has also proved futile as Bekker ignored the attorney's letter of demand.

Consumer Line also experienced a taste of Bekker's rudeness as he lied to us and swore.

"In spite of calling and sending WhatsApp messages daily, having paid him for the balustrades and glass partitioning, the job is still incomplete," Stevens said.

The frame manufactured and fitted is skew and, as a result, the glass partitioning is totally crooked, Stevens said.

There are gaps and inconsistencies between glass panels, in spite of manipulating the steel brackets to accommodate the problem.

Stevens said the flooring was also loose and a safety hazard. He said the frame needed to be taken off then straightened.

"Added to that steel brackets were welded onto the steel frame. This will eventually wear off and the glass will collapse."

The the teak wooden flooring is not lined up and there are huge gaps in between.

The engineer's certificate is also outstanding.

His other challenge was getting a refund for the R1000 he overpaid in error, he said.

Bekker said Stevens was informed that the Rhodesian teak flooring he had ordered would have gaps in between because it was taken off old railway sleepers and cut to size.

"It is impossible not to have gaps between them," Bekker said.

He claimed that he had been available to complete the outstanding work, but Stevens was away when he wanted to do so.

He also said he was not aware that there was so much work outstanding.

"The statement he is making that we are nowhere to be found is a bit is ridiculous."

When asked for more clarity on his responses and about the amount he had allegedly been overpaid by Stevens, Bekker went ballistic and swore at this reporter.

Consumer Line learnt that after our call, Bekker phoned Stevens and offered to attend to the problem today.