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Durban DJ goes sky-high on an unexpected adventure – and you could be next

By SKYY Vodka | 2017-04-13 11:38:52.0

SPONSORED | The SKYY Vodka #OutOfTheBlue moments keep rolling! In case you’ve missed the action on social media, here is a recap.

Every few weeks, SKYY Vodka fans get the chance to step out of their comfort zones into incredible experiences around the country.

Why? SKYY prides itself on celebrating individuality and living life to the fullest.

Whether it is an adrenalin-filled adventure or a luxurious spa day, SKYY encourages people to step away from the norm and enjoy life in the SKYY.

On one of the recent #OutOfTheBlue days, East Coast Radio DJ Sky Tshabalala was surprised to find himself a winner. On March 16, he failed to return to his live show as he was being whisked away from the studio, on his way to an experience like no other.

His fellow DJs were told that Tshabalala would be gone for the day and that three listeners would have the chance to join him.

Without knowing where they would go or what they would do, fans were challenged to step out of their comfort zone and sign up for an unforgettable experience. Tshabalala was joined by the three brave East Coast Radio winners at Durban’s Virginia Airport to find out their destination.


Picked up by private helicopter to enjoy the scenery of the KwaZulu-Natal landscape, they landed Oribi George Nature Reserve. The action kicked off with high-speed zip-lining through the Oribi forest … but that was just the warm-up.

With their blood pumping and adrenalin levels high, the winners faced the ultimate rush as they stood at the top of Lehr’s Waterfall, ready to free-fall from the gorge swing – the highest of its kind in the world!

After a day of thrills, the winners were treated to a decadent poolside lunch accompanied by the perfect selection of SKYY Vodka cocktails at the Gorge Hotel. Everyone needs time to unwind after living #OutOfTheBlue! Their experience wrapped up with a sunset helicopter ride back to Durban and to reality.

2 March Thurs - FB.jpg

The next experience is happening soon and SKYY is on the hunt for a winner! Why shouldn’t it be you? After all, fear lasts a second – but regret lasts a lifetime. It’s time to say YES to new opportunities and adventures. Simply buy a bottle of SKYY Vodka and enter the scratch-off promotional code at www.skyyootb.co.za to enter.

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