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Khanyi Mbau was paid R80 000 for first acting role

Generations actors have opened a can of worms in the television industry as they continue to strike .

Is this the beginning of the end for Zuma?

A series of setbacks in beleaguered South African President Jacob Zuma's battle against corruption allegations has sparked fresh speculation that he could be forced out of office. [0] comments

Hindu women in Napal fast to absolve sins of menstruation

Observant women bathe in rivers and ponds, and ask the Sapta Rishis, or seven great saints, for forgiveness for the sins they committed during their period. They brush themselves with a twig 365 times and rub earth onto their bodies in what is considered an act of purification. [0] comments

Jury finds woman guilty in silicone-injection case

A woman has been convicted of murder in connection to illicit silicone buttocks injections that led to a woman's death. [0] comments

'Unions failed workers'

Vavi said 38 percent of workers joined unions because they wanted to be protected from unfair dismissal, while a further 33 percent joined because they wanted to improve their income. [0] comments

'We will shut down parliament'

EFF leader Julius Malema on Friday night called on National Assembly Speaker Baleka Mbete not to push the party to shut down Parliament. [2] comments

Zimbabwe 1st lady roils political scene with entry

She has expensive tastes, owns a lot of land in Zimbabwe and is now entering politics, a move that is roiling this southern African nation that has known only one leader since independence: President Robert Mugabe, who is 90 years old. [0] comments

Zuma 'eats' and ANC napkin wipes his mouth

IN 2003, John Githongo, Kenya's corruption buster, summoned up the courage to advise President Mwai Kibaki of the most important weapon to fight corruption. [8] comments

'SA in crisis'

"We have no leadership. We are a leaderless country," he told about 100 of the EFF's members, most of them women, in Boksburg, on the East Rand, at an event to celebrate women's month. [1] comments

One tap for 285 pupils

A POT of samp cooks on a gas stove near a board where Grade 2 pupils are taking down notes for their class work. [0] comments

'Witchcraft victim' alive

THE 51-year-old woman who went missing from her village at Mukumbani, near Thohoyandou in Limpopo, was found alive at a nearby mountain yesterday morning. [0] comments

Kidnappers target boys

IN JUST over a year, three babies - all boys - have been stolen in Tembisa on the East Rand. [1] comments

'I'll wear what I want, when I feel like it'

THE University of Zululand law student who was taunted and humiliated by her peers for wearing skimpy clothes has called for harsh punishment for those responsible. [5] comments

Teachers realise farm dream - pension fund pays out couple

THE prospect of becoming chicken farmers became dim for the Makhubo family when the Government Pension Fund failed to pay them their money as expected. [0] comments

'Betrayed' village to get RDPs

Betrayed, lied to and forgotten. [0] comments

House buyer gets help: Law society acts in invalid sale

THE Law Society of the Northern Provinces and the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) have intervened to help a buyer get a fair deal from Dyason Almon Attorneys and Realty Exact Estate. [0] comments

Miracles draw in audiences - Traditional healer gran born again

PASTOR Hasani John Maluleke of Miracles of God Church continues to grow in stature as his reputation as a faith healer reaches far and wide. [1] comments

SA gospel group wows Edinburgh audiences

Dream comes true for Sukwene

From Kasi to small screen

Bongi's Soulful sounds blow you away

How to grow business skills - Helping entrepreneurs contribute to the economy

Ayanda keeps fires burning

Comedian with many bits and hobbies

It's in your hands to get over those worries about money

Women's empowerment is a responsibility for all

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